Monday, May 24, 2010

Final Dispatch from Alburque National Latino Writers Conference

Here is the final update from La Bloga Guest Columnist Margaret Y. Luévano. Outstanding work, Margaret. Thank you for keeping La Bloga updated on the fabulous ongoing efforts of the gente at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

The 8th Annual National Latino Writers conference is over. Writers are back at home with the treasures gathered at the conference – business cards, writing tools, ideas, and budding friendships. They sit at their desks knowing that now the real work begins. Now is the time to put into practice not only everything that was learned but the call to action that Rigoberto Gonzales gave to all at the beginning of the conference. We are artists in a time of crisis. It is our responsibility to document the world around us, to write it as it is and how we wish, how we know it can be. It is up to us to continue building our community so that we have strength in numbers and out of that strength, courage can be gained to follow our paths.

The National Hispanic Cultural Center, Carlos Vásquez, and his staff can now rest knowing that their genuine New Mexican hospitality was appreciated and their work successful. They provided a safe atmosphere where ideas could be exchanged and confidence built. The fruits of their labor now grow beyond Albuquerque; writers now take the seeds and plant them throughout the country where they live, write, struggle, and dream.

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