Monday, July 13, 2015

NCLR Annual Conference y más

Xánath Caraza

From celebrating this year’s NCLR Conference in Kansas City to a literary magazine in Venice, Italy celebrating Chicana literature, let me share some news with you today.

The 2015 NCLR Annual Conference is happening in Kansas City, from July 11 – 14, at the Kansas City Convention Center, as you read this article.   Needless to say, what an important event this is.  Speakers, music, culture, books, all brown--Janet Murguía, originally from Kansas City, is now and has been for some time the CEO of the NCLR, ¡Viva Janet Murguía!  ¡Viva Kansas City!


I packed up my books, went to the KC Convention Center and was part of the Award Winning Authors Booth: International Latino Book Awards, yesterday, Saturday, July 11.  I was invited to share the table with other authors.  I had the opportunity to meet, Maria Elena Cortés author of Neglected by Two Countries, from Houston, TX.


As I meandered through the booths I ran into everyone, former students, musicians from Chicago, Migration Lawyers from Los Ángeles, professors from Saint Louis, and families with children, all just enjoying the atmosphere and novedades at the KC Convention Center.  I have to say, it feels great to be among all these hardworking, creative brown people.  I am looking forward to the other days of the Conference.  See you there in the event you are in Kansas City, booth 418, Award Winning Authors: International Latino Book Awards.




In Other News:

Progetto 7Lune in Venice, Italy celebrated its first anniversary on Sunday, July 5.  This literary magazine’s founders, poets Silvia Favaretto and Daniel Rubin, invited me to be a guest editor for a special issue on Chicana Poetry last June, Luna Calante.  Here is the link for you to enjoy, Luna Calante.

I had the opportunity to meet Siliva Favaretto and many others in person on July 5.  This is when I shared some of my poesía with the Venitian public. To my surprise, artist Concepción García Sánchez had a beautiful painting responding to three of my poems.  I was moved, surprised and honored.


The title of this painting was Donna D’Acqua.  The three poems on which this moving art was based are: “Water Music”, “Venecia” and “Sonidos de luna”.  Gracias Concepción y Silvia.  ¡Viva la poesía!


Concepción García Sánchez


Pintora y arteterapeuta originalmente de México y ahora residente de Venecia, Italia.  Estudió sociología en México y pintura y arte terapia en Italia.  A lo largo de su carrera ha tratado de unir su arte a lo social. Realiza cursos de pintura y diseño, pintó y diseñó murales en Chiapas, durante el período zapatista y en Italia en Valpollicella, cerca de la ciudad de Verona.  Ha participado en diferentes exposiciones en México, Italia, España e Inglaterra.


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