Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pluma Fronteriza Summer 2005 Edition

Los La Bloga Blogueros are happy to share the Summer 2005 edition of Pluma Fronteriza, an informative bulletin of literary news and views...heck, click on the link above. Let it load into your PDF viewer.



Manuel Ramos said...

Thanks for doing this, and thanks, of course, to Ray Rojas for putting together La Pluma. Folks will have to be patient, it takes a while for the link to open up - there is a lot of stuff. This issue has several tributes to Lalo Delgado by people like his gradnchildren, raulrsalinas, Ramon Del Castillo, and Trinidad Sánchez, Jr.; tributes to Lalo Guerrero and Ricardo Aguilar; a list of banned Latino books; a recommended reading list from the one and only Gloria Velásquez; news and reviews; awards and recognition; and so on. Well worth the time time to check out this publication - it's so much more than a newsletter.

Contributing Bloguistas: said...

ray puts a huge effort into making this an incredibly effective publication. great layout, lots of images that don't get in the way of long blocks of text. yes, pdf docs get large, but the trade off in terms of visual satisfaction make pdf a good idea for longer or complex docs.