Friday, November 25, 2005

Cocono Of The Year And Feliz Cumpleaños to La Bloga

Manuel Ramos


Of the Year award goes to:

Not one Chicana/o, Latina/o, or Hispanic novel on the Time Magazine list. Such an inexcusable oversight ranks as the biggest gobbler of 2005, in my opinion. (I know, the year's not over yet, but this one's a no-brainer.) Here's your stuffed bird, Time - hope it doesn't stick in your collective throats.

And Happy Birthday to La Bloga. The first post on nuestra cosita literaria appeared November 28, 2004. We've scooted and crawled through these early months, perhaps soon we will start walking. Muchisimas gracias to our readers, lurkers and those who occasionally comment - you are the reason we do this. My own personal thanks and appreciation to Gina MarySol Ruiz, Daniel Olivas, Michael Sedano and RudyG for their wonderful contributions, pithy posts, and insightful observations about that beautiful mixed-bag we know as Chicana/o Literature. You all have made this first year something special.



daniel olivas said...

this has and will continue to be great fun. i am honored to work with all of you! now to plan a day of hiking and working off that turkey and stuffing!

msedano said...

save that carcass for me! the best part of turkey is the soup. like la bloga, there's no recipe, simply a set of fundamentals that, when exercised with feeling, produce a delicious repast. emphasis on the U in fun!

the Macario Prize goes to all those lame spammers who want their cake and eat ours, too, whom we've foiled by electing the word verification option. Apologies to you good and decent people who would share your pavo with us.

thanks to RudyG for taking the first step in forming la Bloga.


Unknown said...

Happy birthday LaBloga! It's been fun and I love being a part of it. La Bloga and I almost share a birthday, mine is three days after.

Thank you all for inviting me to be a part of La Bloga and for all the encouragement and support.

Tonta of the year award goes to la Gwen Stefani and her ripped Virgen de Guadalupe shirt in the video Luxurious. I think the Virgencita is going to smite that girl with a very thorny nopal.

RC said...

Check out my poem on La Gwen and y La Virgen in my November archives.And happy birthday to La Bloga.

Unknown said...

Saw the poem. Good poem. And thank you for the Happy Birthday

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Feliz cumpleanos Bloga buddies! Thanks for keeping us there.

cindylu said...

I'm late! Feliz cumpleaños! I just wish I had the time to keep up with all the good books you guys discuss.