Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tu Ciudad's "Best Blog"?

I'm foregoing my planned post to get more input from readers about this Tu Ciudad award (see Dan's post immediately below). Us Chicanos seem to tend to get the good times over with too quickly; I think it's a reaction to 1836 and the Battle of the Alamo, its repercussions not being very long lasting.

You've heard from us. So, what do you normally comment-shy readers think? Was this undeserved? Is there a better blog that went unrewarded? Should us Bloguistas keep our day job, or perhaps consider taking on a night job, as well?

R.Ch.Garcia (a.k.a. snark)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rudy!!!
It's wonderful to see you get recognized.
Annie OB
B. Morgan
The Purple Princess

Patry Francis said...

I think you should all definitely QUIT the day job.

Congratulations on the award. Well deserved.

Barrio Marlon Brando said...

La Bloga's a firme chante ... congratulations de tu compa en Naranjaville ...

Marta said...

Congratulations! I think the award is well deserved. La Bloga's got great content, good resources, and a reader-friendly layout. I've gone to other author's websites and bought their books.

I also got to know fellow humorous vampire writer, Mario Acevedo. (Which is to say that Mario writes humorous books about vampires, not that he is a funny vampire.) In fact, we even started our own blog, The Biting-Edge.

Rock on, La Bloga!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

The award was well deserved, I have read the blog off and on for quite some time. It is actually one of the few blogs I read on a regular basis. Congrats once again on being reconized for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Well deserved! Congrats!

Rigoberto said...

Felicidades, raza. It is always a great pleasure to check in with this resource, a community of readers and champions of the Chicano/ Latino word. Keep on shouting! Your fan,