Saturday, February 24, 2007


René Colato Laínez

La lotería was my favorite game when I was growing. La loteria arrived all the way from Europe to Mexico more than two hundreds years ago. It was Don Clemente, a man from France, who created the images of the game using Mexican colors, flavors and traditions.Children and adults love to play lotería.

Enjoy this video,



msedano said...

it was so dark it was like looking into the obsidian mirror. but it sounds cute.

Manuel Ramos said...

So cool that you used video on La Bloga, Rene. We may get the hang of this world wide webby yet. Couldn't see the faces but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Thanks.

Lisa Alvarado said...

Rene! Thanks for the vid!
The soundtrack alone was worth it.
It was such a sweet, intimate family moment.

Desert Chicano said...

Firme!......That what familia is about!

Rene Colato Lainez said...


There are tons of videos on youtube:
Pedro Infante's songs, Cantinflas, Lucha libre. etc.


Norma said...

We just played Loteria last night. Me, my boys and I. It's awesome when as a parent you take the time to create special moments with your children. Sometimes you don't even have to "create" them. They just happen. And hopefully you're able to recognize it and sit back and just take it in.

Norma said...

Me, my boys and I.

ha. The funniest sentence of the week. Do I win a prize or something?

Gil said...

Looks like the video does not exist anymore.

Saludos Rene