Sunday, August 26, 2007

Adios, Gina Marysol Ruiz. Bloguera, Farewell.

Blogmeister's Note: La Bloga's Wednesday face changed on 8/22 with the departure of Bloguera Gina Marysol "Sol" Ruiz. La Bloguera and Los Blogueros already miss her contribution and suffer the loss of her history with resignation. On Monday, 8/27, all of Gina Marysol Ruiz' La Bloga posts will be removed from the archive at her request.

michael sedano
gina marysol ruiz contributed her esfuerzos through thick and thin. gente probably understand that la bloga is puro labor of love for all the blogueras and blogueros. and, although limitless love is its own reward, labor has its limits and gente get to choose their rewards. sol, adelante and best wishes.


lisa alvarado....
Gina Sol Ruiz has her finger on the pulse of what makes a special book special. She is a voracious reader, someone who thought globally about what will intrigue and lift up children, what will open their hearts and minds. Her passion, her hard work and her humor will be sorely missed. And a special thank you for making me laugh, for welcoming me to Bloga
and starting all those killer haikus.


manuel ramos....
Gina Marysol Ruiz rolled into La Bloga like a coal train -- strong, loud, and proud. She lit up the blog with her humor, perseverance, endless lists of books, recipes, photos, and intimate knowledge of all things related to la cultura. Now the train heads down the line. I'm sorry you had to move on, Sol, but I wish you only the best. Muchísimas gracias por todo.


rudy garcia....
Sol's contributions were pivotal to the building of La Bloga's rep and helped in so many ways to create the unique identity of this site. Her scholarship will be missed by all of us, especially our readers.
Que le vaya bien,


daniel olivas....
La Bloga is an effort of love and dedication and Gina brought to the table both of these elements in large measure. We and our readers will miss her presence.


rene colato....
Gina, thank you for that incredible 15 de Septiembre fiesta. Mary Wynton from the Eagle Rock Public Library invited me to the fiesta. I was a colado, but you welcomed me as one of your friends. I had a great time. Gracias for presenting me to the rest of the blogueros and La Bloga.

Great writer and friend
Inspiration for literature
Nurture for children’s books
Amazing bloguera.

Gina, Gina, ra ra ra…

René Colato Laínez.


Francisco Aragón said...

Thank you for your contributions, Gina.


Anonymous said...

I definitely enjoyed your posts and encouraging comments. Sad about the archive, though.