Sunday, September 30, 2007

La Bloga milestone: 10k hits

In Sept. '06, La Bloga received 4,468 hits. Today as you read this post, La Bloga has reached our first month of 10,000 visits.

In the expanse of a planet-wide WWW, 333 and a third hits per day is not earthshaking, so to speak. Nor I do know how this compares to other Chicano or Chicano lit sites, but for us it's more than comforting to know there's that much interest in the "news, views and reviews" that the Bloguistas produce on this site.

Each contributor volunteers their time and posts the fruits of hours and hours of work necessary to keep La Bloga fresh. While being the lightest contributor to the site, I have watched and read as mis compadres have created something great where before there was only null pixels.

I take this opportunity to ask the other Bloguistas to take a well-deserved bow:
Manuel Ramos - who created and set the standards that guide the quality of La Bloga postings.
Michael Sedano - who's become resident tech guru and was there at the launching.
Daniel Olivas - whose scholarship and literary contributions boosted our Internet presence.
Lisa Alvarado - who's added the Midwest perspective and made us more than a bunch of good ole Chicano boys.
René Colato Laínez - whose major contributions in children's literature give La Bloga added perspectives.
Gina Ruiz - who, though no longer with us, gave much time and countless reviews (also no longer with us).

Please take a moment to send them your own congratulatory messages. They've done a considerable body of scholarship that next year should well belie today's 10k hits.


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