Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Great News- Future Books

By René Colato Laínez

Today, I want to share with all the blogueros my great news about my children's books.

Playing Lotería/ El juego de la Lotería will be available in paperback on January 25, 2009. Playing Loteria had won many awards including the Latino Book Award and the New Mexico Book Award. You can pre-order you copy through many stores on line or through the publisher, National Book Network

My dear character René from I Am René, the Boy/ Soy René, el niño is coming back with a new adventure in René Has Two Last Names/ René tiene dos apellidos. Illustrated by Fabiola Graullera Ramirez (Illustrations in progress).

In this new title, René will work to have his two last names, just like in El Salvador. At school, they called him René Colato. But what happened to his Mamás beautiful last name? René is not a complete boy by being only René Colato. The book will be available on 2009.

When I was fourteen years old, my father and I crossed the border. I still remember those new shoes that my mother sent me from the United Stated. My shoes traveled with me all the way from El Salvador. At the end of the long and tiring journey my shoes had holes everywhere. In my new picture book, My Shoes and I, I am telling my story and the stories of thousands of children who need to cross borders in order to accomplish their dreams. Fabricio Vanden Broeck is illustrating the book. My Shoes and I will be published by Boyds Mills Press and is coming out on the Spring of 2009.

Also I have signed new contracts for new picture books

THE TOOTH FAIRY MEETS EL RATON PEREZ is a hilarious encounter between the Tooth Fairy and her Spanish/Latin American counterpart El Ratón Perez. The manuscript was sold to Nicole Geiger at Tricycle Press, by Stefanie Von Borstel, my wonderful agent, at Full Circle Literary (world). . The tentative date for the book is Spring, 2010.

FROM NORTH TO SOUTH is a timely story about a boy who visits his mother when she is deported to Tijuana. The book will be published by Children's Book Press. Dana Goldberg is my editor at CBP. She is great! The story was sold by Stefanie Von Borstel at Full Circle Literary. The book is coming out on the Fall of 2009.

FRIENDS/AMIGOS is an adventurous picture book series. It was acquired by Adriana Dominguez prior to her departure from Rayo/HarperCollins Children’s. This is a three book deal. The first book will be available on 2o10.

I want to thank the best literary agent in the whole world Stefanie Von Borstel. It is a blessing to work with her. There are new literary surprises coming in the future.


Anonymous said...

Kick butt, Rene!

You might have just become La Bloga's most published contributor, not a mean feat considering the success of your buds.

No te tengo que decir, –Buena suerte.-


Veronica said...


Can't wait to read them and then tell everyone about them.

norma landa flores said...

Congratulations on your successful endeavors as a writer of socially-redeeming bicultural children's stories. I bet parents, teachers and librarians are going to be pleased to read your books with their kids.

And, it sounds like Veronica Von Borstel is a good agent to have. Congratulations to her too!

Norma Landa Flores

Anonymous said...

Congratulation. I love your Loteria book!