Friday, December 19, 2008

Music For The Holidays

How about a few holiday musical gems? Let the tunes fill the room as you wrap that last minute gift - trim the tree - suck down the eggnog. Nothin' like a warm tamal, a cold beverage, and a Native American blues band jammin' on the Christmas spirit to get you in the right mood.

Here Come's Santa Claus - Conjunto Style

Please Come Home For Christmas - Los Plateros

Tex-Mex Rudolph - Los Krayolas With Augie Meyer

Feliz Navidad - José Feliciano

The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon

YouTube is a wonderful thing. Hope you all have a peaceful and happy holiday.



Anonymous said...

Ramos, the one you forgot was the new "Christmas Spirit" album by Los Lonely Boys.
My second graders love it, and it's got some great new stuff, plus redos of oldies.

Manuel Ramos said...

Rude - I didn't forget LLB (I have it sitting right here in front of me) - I just couldn't find a video with their Christmas music. If anyone has a link, I'll put it up.

msedano said...

have you ever wanted a holiday post free of spam? maybe next year. in the meantime, thanks for these. a great way to warm up the friday before the last friday of the year. by the way, have you ever eaten a chestnut you liked? wuf, what a let-down when i finally tasted one.

Manuel Ramos said...

I thought it was you, Señor Sedano, who got rid of the pest. Thanks. Can't say I ever had a roasted chestnut, although some of Rude's humor would qualify. Who knows (without Google) what a sugar plum is?

Anonymous said...

These were great! I'm definitely sharing...