Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Bilingual Books from Children's Book Press

My Papa Diego and Me
Recollections by Guadalupe Rivera Marín
Artwork by Diego Rivera

32 page • Ages 6 and up
8 3⁄4” x 10 1⁄4”
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-89239-228-5
Available Fall 2009

When most people think of my father, Diego Rivera, they think of him as a famous painter. And they’re right, he did grow up to be a famous painter… His hard work, dedication, and talent taught me that if you work hard at your passion, you can achieve your dreams. –Guadalupe Rivera Marín

Guadalupe Rivera Marín had a very unusual childhood, growing up in Mexico among world famous artwork. Her papá, Diego Rivera, was a larger-than-life figure who created unforgettable images of working people, of life in Mexico, of industrial machines and flowers. But Diego Rivera also loved to paint children — children just like you — and you’ll find them inside the pages of this book, along with the lessons and wisdom he passed along to his eldest daughter.

Guadalupe Rivera Marín shares some of her childhood memories of the world-renowned artist who also happened to be her papá. Her recollections are tender, humorous, and unexpected. This intimate artistic portrait will delight readers, from the youngest art lovers to Diego Rivera’s biggest fans.

Guadalupe Rivera Marín is the daughter of Diego Rivera and Guadalupe Marín. Her early childhood was spent in rural Mexico, while her father created government-sponsored murals for the Secretaria de Educación Pública. An accomplished author and lecturer, Dr. Rivera Marín lives in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Diego Rivera was one of Mexico’s most famous and influential painters. Born in 1886 in Guanajuato, Mexico, he began studying art as a child and went on to create paintings and murals that can be seen in public spaces and museums around the world. Diego Rivera was also a passionate advocate for working men and women, and he featured them in much of his artwork. He died in 1957.

I Know the River Loves Me
Written and illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez

Bilingual in English and Spanish
24 pages • Ages 4 to 8
8 1⁄4” x 10”
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-89239-233-9
Available Fall 2009

Listen. . . Can you hear the river calling you? Rushing and bubbling, splashing or still, the river has so much to teach us.

Whenever Maya visits the river, the river jumps up to greet her. It cools her down when the summer sun is too hot, and holds her up when she dives in. It keeps her company in the quiet of winter. The river takes care of Maya and Maya takes care of the river.

In this gentle story of love and respect for nature, Maya Christina Gonzalez combines her award-winning talents as an artist and storyteller. Young readers will be inspired by the joy and wonder of being outdoors, and learn powerful lessons about their environment and themselves.

Maya Christina Gonzalez is an acclaimed fine artist, educator, and award-winning children's book illustrator. This is the second book that she has both written and illustrated. She has also created artwork for 20 other children's books, including: My Colors, My World, My Very Own Room, and Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems.


javier said...

"Escucha: dice el rio que se ha enamorado de ti."

Children's Book Press said...

Thank you for posting about our newest bilingual offerings! We're extremely excited about both of these titles, so it's great to see other folks getting the word out and the buzz buzzing!