Saturday, June 26, 2010

Denver Zoot Suit re-performance

From Jose Mercado, one of Colorado's premier teatro directors, comes the following:


Please read Tina Griego's column in The Denver Post concerning the upcoming performance of Luis Valdez's wonderful acto.

Opening Night!: Special “Taste de las Americas” tickets include dinner & ticket to Zoot Suit and can be purchased here.

For tickets for the show only call 866-464-2626 or click here.


Tina Griego's article says it all, so I won't repeat it since you can go to her link to read all about it.

Having had the pleasure of seeing the first performance of
Zoot Suit six years ago, I highly recommend this event. Opening night tickets are hefty since they include Tastes of Colorado, but tickets for the other nights are $10 for students and the 70+.

Es todo, hoy,

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