Monday, May 30, 2011

A wonderful time at Tía Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore

Since the release early this year of my new novel, The Book of Want (University of Arizona Press), I’ve had readings at about a half dozen independent bookstores up and down the state. On Saturday, I did my last scheduled book reading at Tía Chucha's Centro Cultural & Bookstore.

What a wonderful time I had. I want to thank all those who attended (including Michael Sedano who took the above photo) as well as the wonderful folks at Tía Chucha's (Stacy and Luz, in particular) who made the event go so well.

If you missed the book signing, there are a few signed copies at Tía Chucha's that you can pick up. Please support your local independent bookstore! I note that a nice profile of the bookstore by Los Angeles Times writer Reed Johnson appeared on Saturday which you may read here.


◙ A call to action from Juan Ramon Biedma:

I don't know if all of you are up to date about the difficult situation the Semana Negra de Gijon is passing through at this time; between the recent elections (when much of Spain swung to the right), the Rector of the University of Gijon's lawsuit to get an injunction on the festival aspects of the Semana (which is now slated to take place on University grounds), and grave budgetary problems, the Semana now finds itself in one of its toughest spots ever.

I know a lot of us are more than ready to lend a hand in this crisis. The best thing we can do to help right now is to show our concern about the Semana's future to the powers it depends on. To do this we can use all the social media at our command, including our personal blogs, websites, Facebook pages, letters to the editor, etc...any media we can that will show that we are watching developments, and that the event has massive support. I've created a facebook page called “Continiuidad de la Semana Negra" where you can log in to post your comments and opinions, and leave a record of any movement to save the Semana. I'm sure that between all of us we can save the Semana Negra, not only for this year but for the future.

◙ The June issue of Somos Primos is now live online.

◙ Check out the Achy Obejas essay, WCF, E-readers & me, over at WBEZ 91.5 FM out of Chicago.

◙ Over at the Huffington Post, Max Benvidez tells us about East Los Angeles College's new Vincent Price Art Museum (VPAM), which opened on May 21, 2011. He notes, in part:

For generations, the Eastside was usually seen as an add-on to L.A.'s cultural world, "that" place over there where the Mexicans lived. But, now, due to VPAM's opening, there is a sleek space in East L.A. that can show the art that has its aesthetic roots and inspirations on the Eastside. VPAM's very existence tips the cultural balance in the City of Angels. No longer is every important visual art venue on the Westside, midtown or downtown.

◙ Check out Anacani Serrato’s new blog here.

◙ All done. So, until next Monday, enjoy the intervening posts from my compadres y comadres at La Bloga. And remember: ¡Lea un libro!


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