Friday, June 28, 2013

Francisco Goya - Los Caprichos

We recently visited the Loveland Museum/Gallery about 45 minutes north of Denver. The Museum is the current home to an exceptional exhibit entitled Francisco Goya: Los Caprichos. The trip turned out to be a great idea and a fine way to enjoy northern Colorado. Goya's genius is certainly recognized worldwide and images of his art are everywhere, but there is nothing like seeing the actual figures, inches from your face. These etchings are incredibly detailed and powerful. The complicated process to produce them involves etching needles, copper plates, and acid baths. Thanks to the City of Loveland for making this art accessible to all - only $5 admission for non-members, with several free days, and an impressive list of talks, films, and events for all ages related to the exhibit. I highly recommend the show, which will be on display all Summer. 

Loveland Museum/Gallery
503 N. Lincoln Ave.
Loveland, CO 80537
(970) 962-2410 

Here's information from the Museum's website.

 June 14 - September 22, 2013
Admission: $5, free for Museum members
Guided tours every Friday at noon, free with admission. Tours last 30-45 minutes. Reservations are not required but space is limited.

Saturday, June 22; Thursday, July 11; Sunday, August 18
Let your imagination run wild at "The Goya Gala." Click the link to learn more!
Main GalleryFrancisco Goya - The Sleep of Reason Brings Forth Monsters
This exhibition features an early first edition of Los Caprichos, a set of 80 etchings by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya y Lucientes that was published in 1799. It is regarded as one of the most influential series of graphic images in the history of Western art.

Enigmatic and controversial, Los Caprichos was created in a time of social repression and economic crisis in Spain. Influenced by Enlightenment thinking, Goya set out to analyze the human condition and denounce social abuses and superstitions. Los Caprichos was his passionate declaration that the chains of social repression had to be broken if humanity was to advance. The prints attest to the artist’s political liberalism and to his revulsion at ignorance and intellectual persecution, mirroring his ambivalence towards authority and the church. Filled with a remarkable cast of characters ranging from aristocrats to goblins, Los Caprichos conjures up a haunting vision of a world without reason.

Accompanying the exhibition are images by two distinguished artists directly inspired by Los Caprichos, Edward Hagedorn and Enrique Chagoya. Their images resonate with Goya’s vision: that art can be used as a weapon of truth to attack injustice through irony, ridicule, and satire.
Throughout the exhibit, Loveland Museum/Gallery will present exciting programming that explores Francisco Goya: Los Caprichos from a rich mix of social, historical, and artistic perspectives.

Below is a video that give a taste of the exhibit. The Museum provides links to several of these short videos so that visitors can listen as they ponder Goya's provocative and brilliant art.

The view north of Loveland, Colorado



msedano said...

an amazing and satisfying suite of etchings. but what really knocks off my sock is that $5.00 admission. That'll pay half the parking at most museums. Felcidades to Loveland for so sensible a ticket. I'd buy a membership.

Manuel Ramos said...

Yeah, can't beat $5, except on the free days! Several amazing museums, galleries, etc., in this beautiful state - everything from railroads to Black American West to the world famous May Bug Museum with a giant beetle waiting to pounce on unwary travelers along Highway 115.