Monday, May 18, 2015

Poesía en español en Chicago e Italia, y más

Por Xánath Caraza

Venice, Italy

Chicana/o poets from Chicago to LA to Italy, we’re on the move. 

Chicago just recently celebrated the Poetry Festival en español, Poesía en abril, their eighth annual event.  From April 30 – May 2, DePaul University and Revista Contratiempo worked together to bring poetry and poets to the windy city.  What a great opportunity for the Latina/Chicana community in Chicago.  I will be sharing a few photos of this annual poetry festival. 



Poesía en abril 2015:

Olvido y Hector

Charla entre poetas

Los organizadores del Festival, Esther Quintero, Moira Pujols, Juanita Goergen y Gerardo Cardenas

At the Poetry Foundation

Las presentaciones

Toda la luz

My poetry workshop at DePaul University

La Revista
Dra. Martinez, DePaul University

Hasta el 2016

In Other News:

Natalia Treviño will be in Umbria, Italy on a writer’s residency.  She will be working on her second poetry collection focused on La Virgen. Congrats, Natalia! Adelante!

Umbria, Italy & Natalia Trevino

Stay tuned for the Special Chicana issue of the literary publication of Rivista di Poesia Sette Lune in Venice, Italy.  I had the opportunity to be guest editor for the upcoming June issue and seven female Chicana poets were translated into Italian, along with Chicano art and music--more in June.

Rivista de Poesia Sette Lune, Venice, Italy

Also, this past April, Contratiempo invited me to be guest editor for a special dossier on La Poesía y la Música; here is the link to Revista Contratiempo Issue 122, their April edition.  Enjoy the essays that were published on pages 12- 18. 

Revista Contratiempo Issue 122

Chicanos in Mantúa for the Festival Internazionale di poesía Virgilio 2015, May 22 – 24.  Thrilled to learn that Alejandro Murguía will be part of this poetry festival along with other wonderful poets.  I’m looking forward to seeing him perform.  Last time I had a chance to listen to him was in Los Ángeles in the 2010 Floricanto.  I will also be part of the Virgilio International Poetry Festival.  Looking forward to this wonderful event.  

Alejandro Murguia

Poet and cultural promoter Zingonia Zingone has graciously invited me to read at her poetry reading series, El Latido, in Rome at the Instituto Cervantes.  What can I say, but Viva la Poesía y grazie! Ciao, chao!
Poets, Nguyễn Chí Thanh & Zingonia Zingone at the Instituto Cervantes in Rome, Italy

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