Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trump on SNL, no laughing matter. #BoycottSNL

Worth $7B, King Trump lives here wants you worship him.

Donald Trump may represent the most vicious, racist, neo-fascist, super-capitalist threat ever to reach notoriety in recent U.S. history. He's the bastard product of a threesome involving a KKK cretin, a Koch brother and some Nazi wannabe. How Trumpy does that sound?

Trump is a joke begging to happen. His hair, his ridiculous rants, his immoral beliefs are the butt of jokes worldwide. We USicans should hide our heads in shame, even if we're not liberals or Latinos.

"Trump is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7th. Many Latinos are not happy. Two online petitions have been started demanding NBC drop Trump — AGAIN. Juan Escalante started a petition on and Guillermo A. Castañeda, Jr., who started the first one on, has resurrected his asking NBC to 'keep [their] word.' ”

[Between the two, there were over 367,738 signatures total this morning when I signed up.]

What's going on is, “a coalition of 40 Latino groups, including the L.A.-based National Hispanic Media Coalition, National Council of La Raza, and the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, fired a letter off to NBC Universal CEO Stephen Burke asking that he facilitate a meeting with SNL producer Lorne Michaels.”

A racist who should be stopped
In one sense, Donald Trump maybe deserves to host SNL. The show has never had a Latina, and only had two Latino males host it. NBC might be trying to ride Trump's popularity among the privileged, prejudiced electorate. And expect el baboso to make a joke about this old headline: NBC fires Donald Trump after he calls Mexicans rapists and drug runners.

He wants to give us el dedazo.
As one blogger described it, "Donald Trump is a loudmouthed orangutan whose face is practically crying out for the addition of a fist. But that’s precisely why NBC is putting him on television next month. The network knows that a Trump shit-show will translate into big numbers for SNL, which means the NBC suits are counting on your animosity toward Trump to drive the ratings through the roof. The network knows this, Trump knows this, and you may as well get it through your head too. Public outrage only makes the prospect of a Trump-hosted SNL that much more enticing.

Whether that analysis is right or not, Chicanos and other Latinos have never let right-wing views decide our tactics. Otherwise, there never would've been boycotts against grape and lettuce grower corporations.

The "coalition" of Latino groups and liberal online activist platform calling for NBC to disinvite GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump from hosting SNL on Nov. 7th, 2015, point out that Nov. 7th, 2015, is exactly one year from Election Day 2016.

Which brings up another reason to sign the petitions. Whenever Anglo, and other, liberals are willing to add their voice to ours, we should jump on the possibilities. Who knows? From here, such coalitions might grow the ranks of those advocating meaningful immigration reform. Then Trump could rant on about more "Mexican rapists and drug runners." And pull out his unsightly hair.

All jokes aside, whether you're Latino, liberal, or something else, you should be able to explain to your children what he is, why he's "popular," and what you did to kill his influence.

It would be no joke, he would be hilarious, should he rise in popularity to become the Republican candidate. Germany's Nazi Party was elected by masses of citizens who went to the polls. Later, many of them went to the camps, the ovens and to the graveyards as fallen soldiers. And none them were laughing about Hitler's hairy mustache.

Nov. 7th this year in a sense is an election. You can "vote" by signing one of the petitions. You can "abstain" by not signing. And if there's more you think of that would add to the protest, by all means do so. For instance, if you're a Nielsen participant, let NBC know now that you will not be watching SNL. And then, don't watch it.

But it would be better to not stand on the sidelines and allow this clown's farce to continue. There's really nothing funny about it.

Es todo, hoy,
RudyG, a.k.a. Rudy Ch. Garcia, #BoycottSNL petitioner

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Unknown said...

Clowns like this are a real dangerous not only for the people, race or gender they target but for the whole stability of freedom, peace and security of our whole society system but for the stability of Human Rights everywhere, we already have our share of pain, sorrow and tears from Hitler, Stanley,Idi Amin Dada,who spread Death like a pestilence just to please their sick minds, evil hearts and hellish murderous desires, this lunatic most be cast out, stop and cast out, deliver him to el chapo ,he'll know what to do with him.