Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Latina/o Studies Association Celebrates Its First Conference

Felicidades to the Latina/o Studies Association.  This week's first conference was seven years in the making and it comes during a difficult time of unrest in our country.  While peaceful protests spread across the country, we were here, in Pasadena, California, coming together.  Our Mission:

"The Latina/o Studies Association (LSA) is formed to further the goal and objective of promoting the research and teaching of Latina/o studies, advocating on behalf of Latinas/os, and using its expertise in order to encourage positive policy change related to Latinas/os.  We embrace an expansive definition of Latina/o to mean those long-established communities in the U.S. of Latin American origin as well as more recent arrivals.  As such, we are also interested in the connections between U.S. Latina/os and transnational and/or diasporic Latin American and Hispanic Caribbean communities."  

Giving the Presidential Address!
One of the many panels happening over the 3-day conference 
The beautiful Pasadena City Hall
ASA Conference Panelists
ASA Conference Panel
 The final event was a concert by the Grammy Award winning group, "Quetzal."

Martha Gonzalez, Quetzal singer

Quetzal band and conference participants

A happy group of conference attendees on last night!  Orale!

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