Sunday, October 02, 2016

"MUJERES" Art Exhibition!

"Flores" by Claudia Alvarez

MONA, The Museum of Art in Kearney, Nebraska will feature 5 Latina artists.  The exhibition, entitled, "Mujeres," will run from October 18th to February 12, 2017.  

The online website describes the exhibition as the first one of its kind for Nebraska "to focus on five contemporary artists:  all women, all Latinas, and all connected to the state.  The artists selected are Claudia Alvarez, Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez, Linda Garcia-Perez, Reneé A. Ledemsa, and Sandra Williams. While each artist hails from different backgrounds, different countries-- Colombia, Mexico, the United States, and from different cultures within the Latina/Latino experience, their artworks find common themes that swirl around history, family, religion, and spirituality . . . "

Hope to see you in Kearney, Nebraska!  

Professor and artist, Sandra Williams in front of some of her work

"FLood, Chapter 2, Excerpt from a Novel" by Nancy Friedeman-Sánchez

"Frida Kahlo" by Linda Garcia-Perez

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