Friday, June 29, 2018

Where Do the Children Play?

Melinda Palacio

 ©2018 Lalo Alcaraz. Cartoon appears courtesy of the artist.

Looming over the joy of my new book, Bird Forgiveness, are the atrocities happening to our country, in our politics, and especially at the border where a zero tolerance policy enacted by Trump has led to severe trauma for babies and children who have been taken from their families and put in camps. Migrating to this country and seeking asylum is not a crime, but in Trump's eyes if a family is from a "shit hole" country then yes, lock them up and forget about where a poor non-english speaking child or baby was sent, and if they die trying to find their child, all the better says the wannabe dictator. This is where we are now. The children have been scattered all over the United States. I want to know why the people in custody of these poor babies don't speak up. They might make a trip to the emergency room where doctors note that these toddlers are not behaving like normal, curious babies. I don't need a medical degree to tell you that children who have been ripped from their mother's arms are not going to act normal.

I know I'm preaching to the choir, mi gente, the readers of La Bloga, but this is what is on my mind lately. While it is important to uphold our way of life and continue to make art, it is equally important to get out there and resist, vote, communicate, and respect existence. Our elders fought too hard to see this country re-institute concentration camps for babies, children, and migrant families seeking asylum.

Tomorrow: Saturday, June 30, Freedom for Families! Abolish ICE March, noon to 3pm, Congo Square Louis Armstrong Park, 701 Rampart Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

In Santa Barbara: Saturday, June 30, 11 am De La Guerra Plaza.

Global: Find a march near you, contact

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