Tuesday, October 08, 2019

What Olivas Said

In La Bloga-Monday, Daniel A. Olivas has this to say, among other things:

La Bloga-Tuesday finds Daniel's message well worth repeating. See above.

Note the theme of tempus fugit or "save twenty dollars" when you place your order now until this Saturday. On Sunday, attendance is last year's top-dollar seat price, $100. That's interesting to note, the fundraiser hasn't raised its prices amid rising expectations and ever-rising prices.

Tia Chucha is a bookstore. Tia Chucha is a publisher. (link) Tia Chucha is a publisher of raza poets. You get the point behind the fundraiser. Niche publishers of near-impossible-to-find literature merit support on the basis of what they bring to the public mind. Publishers survive from people buying their books. Buy the press' books (link), you can do that wherever you read, you don't have to be in LA and environs like attending the fundraiser.

Many readers enjoy Tia Chucha's productivity and personalities. Some as yet unfamiliar with the enterprise might enjoy a tour of the Press website, where it notes:
By 2005, TCP was transferred to Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural, becoming its publishing wing. TCP developed a growing list of new poetry books, including from emerging writers such as Patricia Spears Jones, Richard Vargas, Luivette Resto, Linda Susan Jackson, Susan D. Anderson, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Melinda Palacio, and Mayda Del Valle. An anthology of the best of Tia Chucha Press appeared in 2005: “Dream of a Word: The Tia Chucha Press Poetry Anthology” edited by Quraysh Ali and Toni Assante Lightfoot.

Speaking of Tia Chucha, I searched my foto files for the earliest Tia Chucha images and found two from the dedication of a location in San Fernando. Tia Chucha's had lived in three locations, if memory serves. The files date to August 23, 2016, when opening ceremonies included dusting mural outlines on a courtyard wall.

Here's a more recent foto, (link) a reading at the current location in Sylmar, Califas. The October 26 gala takes place in DTLA, not Sylmar. La Plaza de Cultura y Artes is fast taking a leading place as a showcase of historical and contemporary raza arte.

Pictured: Alyssa Granados, Andrea Gutierrez, Christine Granados, Jesus Salvador Treviño, Alicia Gaspar de Alba

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