Friday, July 30, 2021

What Chicano Music Means to Me

Today on La Bloga I'm pleased to present a short poem about Chicano music written by a Chicano music expert -- Pocho Joe, host and curator of the award-winning and immensely popular radio show La Raza Rocks, which can be found every Sunday at 1:00 P.M. (Mountain Time Zone) on KUVO, 89.3 FM, Denver, or 

Following Pocho Joe's poem are a few examples of what he's writing about.

Here's Pocho Joe's bio from the KUVO website.


Pocho Joe was born on Kalamath Street in Denver (a suburb of Aztlan) during the baby boom-boom-boom generation. He credits his Raza Rocks heart to the influences of his father’s consistent kitchen table radio tunes as well as his tio’s rasquache Sunday afternoon sax.

The Raza beat began to gel Saturday afternoons when Denver’s first Mexican radio station aired “Teen Dance Party” shows in the 1960’s. The beat moved from Pocho’s heart to his soul and spirit with the emergence of the Movimiento-fueled “long-haired” Chicano rock groups.

Radio station KUVO debuted La Raza Rocks in 2002 with hosts Gil “Gonzo” and Gabe White. Pocho Joe arrived in March 2003 when he co-hosted La Raza Rocks with Gabe.

Pocho Joe recognized that Chicano music, which was largely ignored by commercial radio outlets, was a valuable component of American music. The bands and artists all had culturally inspirational histories and backgrounds that the listening audience deserved to hear. This music that is and was the soundtrack of our lives, has and does have historical importance.

The beat ain’t complete ‘til you move your feet! Raza rocks! Simón!

La Raza Rocks airs every Sunday from 1 to 2 pm.

What Chicano Music Means To Me
Pensamientos de Pocho Joe

Quien sabes what Chicano Music is, but I know what Chicano music can be: 

Chicano Music can be a syncopated memory in time.

It can be an aphrodisiac.

Chicano Music can be a narcotic. “Play Sauvecito otra vez!  Simone Ese.”

Chicano Music can put you to sleep or wake you up.

It can make you feel pride in your sisters and brothers like no others.

Chicano Music can put so much pride in yourself you could cry or scream    at the same time.

It can make you sad like the day Momma died.

Some people say that music is food for the soul. I say it can be a reason  for living.

What should Chicano Music be? 

Chicano Music should be FUN!

Porque we “Play” it, don’t we?

Native Son by Los Lobos from the new album released July



Heaven by Los Lonely Boys

Somebody Please by Los Cenzontles feat. David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas & La Marisoul

Farmer John by The Premiers (on American Bandstand, 1964)


Tacos by Los Mocochetes


Manuel Ramos writes crime fiction, lives in Denver, and believes he danced to the greatest Chicano band that ever played in a bar.

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