Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Frontera Norte Sur - Border news

I've read Frontera Norte Sur for years and have relied on its valuable information and insights, and their Email newsletter is invaluable.

I'm reprinting the message below because the richest country on the planet is spending most of our money bombing other peoples and watching us. Bush and his Rep. sheep and Demo. apologists don't like counter-news services like Frontera, so maybe you'll be interested in helping. I'll let the message speak for itself, except to advise anyone interested in learning more about Mexico, the border and info about what the U.S. press doesn't tell us, to visit their website to see the service Frontera provides. You can go to:

September 5, 2006

Dear Friend,

Frontera Norte Sur has a 15 year history of providing
steady, reliable news coverage about the Mexico-US border.
Everyone who uses this service describes it as a unique
source of news and features that combine summaries from the
Mexican press with original reporting and analysis --
information that never finds its way into the traditional
US media. In addition, our website contains an archive of
stories that date back to 1996; another valuable resource
for in depth research.

Frontera Norte Sur has encountered a serious financial
hurdle that has obliged us to suspend service. Until now,
grant resources have enabled us to provide this as a free
news service but after the loss of this funding source, we
must broaden the base of support for this news service to
ensure its long term future.

Your financial support can help us resume publication of
Frontera NorteSur. We are also working to find alternative
sources of long-term funding.

We need you, our readers, to invest in this news service
you find so valuable. Working together, gifts of $50, $100,
$500 or $1,000 can meet our immediate goal to raise
$25,000. Send your tax deductible contribution to the NMSU
Foundation either on-line or through the mail.

Visit the Foundation’s web site at
for more information. Click on Give Today (highlighted in
blue) and follow the directions for either on-line or mail-
in contributions. Please insert “Frontera Norte Sur” in the
box marked “Where the need is greatest, please describe.”
Together we can build a stronger news service that reflects
our commitment to keep information flowing freely across
the border between Mexico and the US.

Thank you for your generous support!

Dr. Neil Harvey, Director Kent Paterson, Editor, Frontera
Norte Sur
Center for Latin American and Border Studies,
New Mexico State University

PS: If you know any foundations or individuals that might
invest in Frontera Norte Sur, please e-mail me at

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