Friday, September 01, 2006


Manuel Ramos

GLBTQI Anthology
From the September Newsletter of La Gente Unida, Inc., a nonprofit group whose purpose is to educate about issues of concern to Latina lesbians and Latino gays:

"COLORADO WRITERS ARE WANTED for an upcoming ultra-fabulous anthology of Colorado GLBTQI authors, edited by award-winning author Matt Kailey and published by Johnson Books of Boulder. They are seeking short fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and experimental work from Colorado writers who identify as GLBT, queer, intersexed, or similar identification. Be part of the first-ever anthology by, for, and about the Colorado GLBTQI community (but we want the world to read it). Guidelines are as follows: (1) You must identify as a member of the GLBTQI community. (2) You must currently reside in Colorado. (3) The submission does not have to be about Colorado (although it can be), but must have some Colorado connection, large or small-theme, setting, characters, etc. Use your imagination. (4) Prose must be a maximum of 3,000 words. Poetry must be a maximum of six pages. Please double space. (5) Please submit original, previously unpublished work. You must have all rights to the work. Deadline for submissions is September 30. Those whose work is chosen will be notified by November 30 and will receive three copies of the anthology with the ability to purchase all additional copies at a 50 percent discount. Email your submissions as a Word attachment to

2007 Paul Gillette Writing Contest
The Pikes Peak Writers and Pikes Peak Writers Conference
sponsor the PPWC's 15th annual contest for unpublished writers. The contest officially begins September 1, 2006. Entries must be postmarked by November 1, 2006. Winners will be notified in early April 2007. This contest is for unpublished writers of short stories and book-length fiction. Entrants must certify that the entry has not been accepted for publication prior to the date of submission. Go to the PPWC website for complete details.

Time: Friday, September 15, 2006 7:30 PM
Location: Tattered Cover - Historic LoDo
Title of Event: Slideshow Presentation & Booksigning with Paola Gianturco
Photographer Paola Gianturco will present a slideshow and sign her new book Viva Colores!: A Salute to the Indomitable People of Guatemala (powerHouse Books). Written by David Hill, Viva Colores! offers inspirational profiles of a people who have endured and, indeed, gained strength, thanks to the bounty of their land, their beliefs, traditions, and kinship with one another.

Time: Saturday, September 30, 2006 2:00 PM
Location: Tattered Cover - Colfax Avenue
Title of Event: International Translation Day Celebration
In Celebration of International Translation Day, members of the Colorado Translators Association will be on hand to offer a demonstration of literary translation. The event consists of readings from foreign language books in their original languages (including Yiddish, French, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and German), accompanied by translations into English.

Here's the press release:

"El Centro Su Teatro is shooting a film version of the critically acclaimed and award-winning play, Serafín: Cantos y Lágrimas. The finished film will premiere at the XicanIndie FilmFest 9 in April, 2007. Based loosely on the diaries of Su Teatro resident playwright Anthony J. Garcia's father, Serafín chronicles one man’s tumultuous immigrant experience. The play earned Garcia the 1989 University of California Irvine Chicano Literary Award and the Denver Drama Critics Circle Award for Best New Play of the 1989-1990 season.

University of Colorado at Denver theatre professor Laura Cuetara was so moved by the story that she told Garcia she would love to direct a revival. Cuetara got that chance last April when Serafín closed Su Teatro’s most phenomenal season to date. Under Cuetara’s direction, Garcia’s linear story became fragmented—revolving back upon itself again and again as Serafín’s memories unravel during his final few living moments.

XicanIndie FilmFest Director and local filmmaker Daniel Salazar, recipient of the 2006 Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, saw both the original 1989 run and the recent run. He felt that Cuetara’s new vision for Serafín had a real cinematic quality, and he suggested to Garcia that they make a movie; Garcia, Cuetara, and Salazar are pooling their talents to create the film, and Su Teatro veterano Angel Mendez-Soto is starring as the conflicted Serafín—the role he helped create 17 years ago when Serafín opened Su Teatro’s first season in its current performance space. While filming will continue throughout the fall, Serafín: Cantos y Lagrimas, the stage play, will open Su Teatro’s 2006-2007 season on September 14. Contact El Centro Su Teatro for more information: (303) 296-0219 or"

“To My Country” Art Exhibition Sept 1st, 2006 6:30 pm

This message came across the wire:

"On February 24th, 2006,Claire Hessek, age 9, had an incredible vision. She wrote a letter entitled, 'Dear U.S.' She wrote about her feelings regarding the antiimmigrant sentiment sweeping the nation. This letter kicked off an amazing campaign which has given voice to children of immigrants so that they may share their hopes, dreams, and fears about the current immigration situation at the legislative level and within their private lives. Join us for an art exhibition which will honor the powerful voices of these children within their letters and artwork.

The Laughing Bean Café
901 W. 10th Ave, Denver
303 820 2326
For more information, please contact Jeannette Henriquez"

Say you were putting together your own CD or I-Pod menu of all-time Mexican or Chicano music -- the kind of music that creates tears and laughter, and more than a few gritos. The kind of music that requires a shot of tequila, for some, or maybe just a dance with your loved one across the living room floor. What would you include? I have a list -- am looking for a few more. Suggestions?



msedano said...

i have these on my ipod, the highlight of my day:

pancho charro avitia - juan guerrero, los camperos.
los lobos / ufw - chicanas bonitas and no nos moveran.
zoot suit soundtrack - vamos a bailar el swing.
perez prado - patricia, "cherry pink & apple blossom white"
la linda - tu solo tu & y andale

de rigeur:
sam the sham - wooly bully
cannibal & headhunters - land 1000 dances

spoken word stuff. Elba Rosario Sanchez and Olga Angelina Garcia Echeverria from when skin peels, download it from calaca press.

Anonymous said...

What's on your list, Ramos?

Anonymous said...

But you gotta put Puño de Tierra on it.

Gina MarySol Ruiz said...

jose alfredo jimenez
mana - te solte la rienda, vivir sin aire, hechizera
los bukis
alejandro fernandez
Ana Gabriel - Y Aqui Estoy
Trio Los Panchos
los lobos - feria de los flores
los camperos
linda rondstadt - tu solo tu, el sol que tu eres, juala de oro
vicente fernandez - el rey

Manuel Ramos said...

Thank you, all, for the suggestions. Great selections, some that for sure will make it to the CD. When I finalize my list, I'll pass it on. Meanwhile, I'm thinking, so far,that these will make the cut: Cuatro Caminos, Jose Alfredo Jimenez; Mi Ranchito, Los Super Seven; Unico Camino, Conjunto Bernal; Penas del Alma, Lila Downs; Carino Nuevo, Sunny Ozuna; and Cai de las Nubes, Cornelio Reyna. I just picked up some Chayito Valdez music -- maybe Besos y Copas or Ambicion. ¡Corazon!