Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy, Happy

Manuel Ramos

I don't have much for the day after día de gracias, and the rest of La Bloga's gang have posted some excellent stuff this week, so please scroll down or use the links to the left to review what Gina, Daniel, Michael and RudyG have been up to lately.

My lack of preparation does give me the chance to wish La Bloga feliz cumpleaños -- this baby saw light on November 24, 2004, when RudyG penned the immortal phrase La Bloga started today.That's all. Since then the posts are longer, and more informative we hope, and our audience has grown from Rudy's wife to now include mine, who tells me she has read La Bloga at least three times in the past two years. Seriously, we have more readers every week. We like to think that you all appreciate what might appear sometimes as anarchy or chaos -- we do have a plan. Ask Daniel, he knows the plan. (You do, don't you?)

In the spirit of the Terrible Twos, I have to say that I am spoiled. I am no longer surprised, just really pleased, when my fellow bloggers write intelligent and unique reviews about the latest Latino/a author to emerge during the Age of Great Hope for Literature, or very movingly go on about what it means to be a Latino or Latina in the U.S.A during the current Age of Darkness, or insightfully provide clues about the every day drama that connects us all. It's all here, in one form or another.

Man, I'm happy for La Bloga, and thankful I can be a part of this cultural experiment.


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