Monday, December 04, 2006


from Daniel Olivas...

"Georgina S. Francisco is a Friend of Mine"

Georgina S. Francisco is a friend of mine,
and she is very particular about
two things: cheese and Margaritas.

“Cheese,” she purrs, “must be strong,
sharp and sweet, like dulce.”

She leans into me for emphasis.
“¿No?” she says through a red
O of a mouth.

“And there is only one way,” she whispers,
“to make a Margarita.”

I wave her off, my eyes bulging with
excitement, and tell her about my
latest Google search where I unearthed
the most remarkable Margarita recipe that
includes a bottle of beer.

Georgina’s eyes narrow into mere slits,
and she spits out a disgusted, “Feh!”

Before I can say more, she stands and
looks down at me with disdain.
“There’s only one way to make a Margarita,”
she sneers. “And it does not include beer.”

Georgina turns on her heel leaving me
desolate with nothing more than her
perfume’s scent and her rebuke’s sting.

[“Georgina S. Francisco is a Friend of Mine” first appeared in Poetry Super Highway.]

◙ RIGO REVIEWS IN EPT: “With a moving novel about the conflicts between cultures and neighboring nations, author Ana-Maurine Lara has expanded the terrain of American literature to include the experience of Haitians in the Dominican Republic. At its core, "Erzulie's Skirt" (Redbone Press, $15 paperback) is a love story between two women who travel different paths but share similar goals -- securing the survival of their African birthright as healers and spiritual guides for the next generation.” Read Rigoberto González’s full review here.

◙ INLAND EMPIRE IS HIP: The literary anthology Inlandia (Heyday Books), which showcases works of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction specifically focused on the Inland Empire, has hit the bookshelves. A number of Latino writers have pieces in the book, ranging from early explorers and settlers to Michael Jaime-Becerra, Juan Delgado, and Alex Espinoza. An all day event is planned on December 9th at the Riverside Public Library (click here for details). The festivities start at 10 a.m. and run until 6 p.m. There will be readings by Susan Straight (who also is a contributor and wrote the introduction for the book), Espinoza, Jaime-Becerra, Delgado, and a host of other fine writers. Aside from the readings, there will also be Taiko drum performers, food booths, live music, and historic photos on display. It should be a blast.

AND…speaking of Alex Espinoza, his first novel, Still Water Saints, will be released by Random House on January 30, 2007. There will be a simultaneous Spanish release, translated by Liliana Valenzuela (who has worked with Sandra Cisneros, Julia Alvarez, and Denise Chavez). Barnes and Noble has picked Espinoza’s novel for their Spring “Discover Great New Writers” program. Early reviews have been good, and people seem to be very excited about the book. Los Angeles Magazine as well as Latina will be reviewing it. I happily note that Espinoza has a short story in the anthology I’m editing for Bilingual Press, Latinos in Lotus Land, due out next year.

All done. I wanted this to be longer but I’m dealing with family medical issues. My post next Monday will be longer with an author spotlight and all sorts of news I’ve been gathering. ¡Lea un libro!

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