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"It’s a wonderful book, filled with the grace and wisdom of being present, at every moment, and reminding us to do the same." Sandra Cisneros

And by-the-way, don't forget about Raúl Niño's upcoming Chicago readings at: the Sulzer Regional Library tomorrow, October 4th, at 7PM, or the DvA Gallery on Friday, October6, at 8-9:30PM. Available through MARCH/Abrazo Press

And good news about La Bloga's René Colato Laínez:

The Tejas Star Book Award was created by the Region One ESC Library Advisory Committee to promote reading in general and for readers to discover the cognitive and economic benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism. All the children of Texas will have the opportunity to select their favorite book from the Tejas Star list during the 2007-2008 school year. Details for participation and voting are coming soon. The Tejas Star Book Award Committee selected the following books for the 2007-2008 Tejas Star Book Award.

Byrd, Lee Merrill. (2006). Lover Boy/Juanito el cariñoso: a Bilingual Counting Book. Illustrated by Francisco Delgado. Cinco Puntos Press ISBN 0-938317-38-5. Grades PK-2. (Bilingual, English/Spanish) Reviewed in Críticas Magazine: http://reviews.criticasmagazine.com/BookDetail.aspx?isbn=0938317385; School Library Journal, Jun, 2006, Vol. 52, Issue 6, p. 142; Kirkus Review, 3/15/2006, Vol. 74, Issue 6, p. 287.

Juanito loves to count in English and Spanish, the kisses he gives to family, friends and pets.

Canetti, Yanitzia. (2006) Ay, luna, luna, lunitaIllustrated by Ángeles Peinador. Editorial Everest, S.A. (Distributed by Lectorum).ISBN 84-241-8774-1. Grades PK-2. (Spanish)
Reviewed in Críticas Magazine: http://reviews.criticasmagazine.com/BookDetail.aspx?isbn=8424187741

Farmer Federico Feliciano de la Feria never suspects that all the animals on his farm, except for one, are unhappy with who they are and wish to the moon to make them a different animal.

Colato Laínez, René. (2005). Playing Lotería/El juego de la Lotería. Illustrated by Jill Arena. Luna Rising. ISBN 978-0-87358-881-2 and 0-87358-881-9. Grades 1-3. (Bilingual, English/Spanish) Reviewed in Críticas Magazine: http://reviews.criticasmagazine.com/BookDetail.aspx?isbn=0873588819; School Library Journal, Oct. 2005, Vol. 51, Issue 10, p. 148.

A boy reluctantly spends the summer with his grandmother in Mexico. They have fun learning each other's language using the game Lotería, or Mexican bingo.

Garza, Xavier. (2006). Juan and the Chupacabras/Juan y el Chupacabras. Illustrated by April Ward. Piñata Books. ISBN 978-1-55885-454-3 and 1-55885-454-1. Grades 2-4. (Bilingual, English/Spanish) Reviewed in Kirkus Reviews, 10/15/2006, Vol. 74, Issue 20; School Library Journal; Oct. 2006, Vol. 52, Issue 10, p144.

After hearing their grandfather describe his encounter with the Chupacabras, Juan and his cousin Luz go into the corn fields at night to find out if the Chupacabras is a real monster.

Gonzalez-Bertrand, Diane. The Ruiz Street Kids/Los Muchachos de la Calle Ruiz. (2006). Piñata Books. ISBN 978-1-55885-321-8 and 1-55885-321-9. Grades 3-6. (Bilingual, English/Spanish) Reviewed in School Library Journal, Oct. 2006, Vol. 52, Issue 10, p. 144.

The Ruiz Street kids wonder why David, the tough-looking red-haired kid, has a different bike every time he rides down the street. They all think David steals the bikes and the rumors begin.

Hayes, Joe. (2005). A Spoon for Every Bite: Una Cuchara Para Cada Bocado. Illustrated by Rebecca Leer. Cinco Puntos. ISBN 0-938317-93-8. Grades 1-5. (Bilingual, English/Spanish)
Reviewed in Library Media Connection, Feb. 2006, Vol. 24, Issue 5, p. 57; School Library Journal, Oct. 2005, Vol. 51 Issue 10, p. 148-149.

In this folktale, a poor man tells his rich compadre that he knows someone who uses a different spoon for every bite. The envious rich man spends his entire fortune buying enough spoons for every bite he takes. He is surprised when he finds out how a poor man uses a spoon for every bite.

Mansour, Vivian. (2005). El Enmascarado de Lata. Illustrated by Trino. (The Tin Wrestler) Fondo de Cultura Económica. ISBN 968-16-7672-6. Grades 4-6. (Spanish) Reviewed in Críticas Magazine: http://reviews.criticasmagazine.com/BookDetail.aspx?isbn=9681676726

In this comical story, a small puny boy tries to convince his schoolmates, who pick on him daily, that the famous wrestler, El enmascarado de Lata (The Tin Wrestler), is his father. When his plans fail, he discovers the true meaning of friendship and integrity.

Villaseñor, Victor. (2005). Little Crow to the Rescue/El Cuervito al Rescate. Illustrated by Felipe Ugalde Alcántara. Piñata Books. ISBN978-1-55885-430-7 and 1-55885-430-4. Grades 2-4. (Bilingual, English/Spanish) Reviewed in Kirkus Reviews, 11/15/2005, Vol. 73, Issue 22, p1236-1236; Booklist, 10/1/2005, Vol. 102, Issue 3, p. 66; School Library Journal, Feb. 2006, Vol. 52, Issue 2, p. 127.

When Father Crow warns his son to beware of ungrateful humans, who do not appreciate what animals have taught them, Little Crow makes a clever suggestion to stay out of danger.

Lisa Alvarado

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