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October with Tia Chucha, Reyna Grande, and some thoughts....

Tia Chucha's Events for October 2007

Author Reading with Anna Marie Gonzalez
Saturday Oct. 6th at 2 p.m.

Ann Marie Gonzalez will present her new book and discuss its purpose. Divine for Life is a book written for people in search of divinity and understanding of who we are and what we are capable of. It is the Divine being's guide to life. This book will open doors to the truth of our existence.

"My deepest prayer is that sharing this information contributes to the empowerment of all who read this and ultimately to the spiritual evolution of humanity." Ann Marie Gonzalez

Book Reading with Mario Garcia
Saturday October 13, 2007 at 2 p.m.

Author and professor of History and Chicano Studies at UCSB Mario Garcia will present and read from his newly released book The Gospel of Cesar Chavez: My Faith in Action.
This is a book of spiritual reflections, prayers, or mantras from Cesar Chavez, one of the great spiritual leaders of our time. Perhaps the best-known Latino historical figure in the United States, a key aspect of why he did what he did was his faith. He was a devout Catholic and a man of deep moral and spiritual values, which is what drove him to seek basic rights for farm workers as well as recognition for their human dignity as children of God. Now, for the first time, The Gospel of Cesar Chavez calls attention to the spiritual side of this great leader through his own words.

Special Day of the Dead Workshop # 1
Satuday Oct. 20th from
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The first workshop of our 3 piece Dia De Los Muertos celebration!

-Danza Temachtia Quetzalcoatl
-Intro to group
-Historical Prospective of Day of the Dead
-Sugar Skull Workshop

Come join Danza Temachtia Quetzalcoatl as we introduce ourselves to the community and provide a historical and cultural perspective of the importance of Dia de los Muertos. This visual presentation will close with a sugar skull making workshop. It's fun for Everyone!

All the workshops are free!

Poetry Reading with Jim Moreno: The Artivist Movement
Saturday October 20th at 2 p.m.

Poet Jim Moreno will present and read from his newly released poetry collection, Dancing in Dissent: Poetry for Activism.

Dancing in Dissent is an artivist's (artist and activist) collection of poetry resonating with the legacy of speaking out against injustice and oppression. Moreno is a member of San Diego's Langston Hughes Poetry Circle and a past board member of the African American Writers and Artists.

He teaches poetry workshops for gang youth in lockups, children in after-school programs and adults who are beginning or practiced poets.

Michael Heralda Performs Aztec Stories
Saturday Oct. 20, 2007 at 6 p.m.

Come and experience the origins of this very special ceremony from the indigenous perspective in a presentation of music, songs, and stories.

The ceremony has evolved due to European influences, the artistic influence of Jose Guadalupe Posada's fanciful stylizations, and the commercial forces of our "modern" world. This program is for those interested in learning about the origins of this ceremony. It is also an opportunity to help establish a "balance" between today's modern practice and the ancient ceremony's true relevance and importance. You will hear things that touch your heart and at times seem very familiar. This is the ancient voice that you hear intuitively speaking to you from the past through your heart. Some of the information revealed in this presentation may surprise you, and some may validate an intuitive understanding you possess and have contemplated.

Special Day Of The Dead Workshop # 2
Sunday Oct. 21st from
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
The second day of our 3 piece Dia De Los Muertos celebration
-Danza Temechtia Quetzalcoatl
-Historical Perspective of Danza
-3 groups
-dance, song, drumming
Day II of our Dia de Los Muertos workshop introduces the importance of danza in Day of the Dead celebrations. After the discussion, each participant is invited to learn an element of danza-drumming, dancing and/or Mexica songs-themselves!

All workshops are Free!
Special Day of the Dead Workshop # 3
Monday Oct. 22nd from
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
This is the last workshop of our 3 piece Dia De Los Muertos celebration!

-Danza Temachtia Quetzalcoatl
-Mexica story telling
This will be a review and expansion of first 2 workshops. Day III of our workshop will continue to teach the elements of "la danza" and will close with Mexica storytelling for all!

On this final day of the workshop, Danza Temachtia Quetzalcoatl will host a community ceremony for all its participants. Traditional face painting will begin the celebration and everyone who participated will have a chance to share what they have learned!

All workshops are free!

Friday Oct. 26th at 8 p.m.

Join us for our famous Open Mic Night, this week featuring poet Thomas Gayton, along with some of the local poets and musican performers!

Works and Performances.
Thomas has read his poetry on Pacifica Radio, KPFK-Los Angeles and has performed with Jazz greats Charles McPherson, cousin Clark Gayton and Daniel Jackson. He has taught verse writing at the Writing Center in San Diego, founded the Poetry Workshop in La Jolla, California, at D.G. Wills bookstore and also cofounded the San Diego Poets' Press.
Book Reading with Beto Gutierrez

Saturday Oct. 27th at 1 p.m.

Author Beto Gutierrez will read and discuss his newly published book A Sentence with the District.

A collection of essays based on actual experiences of a former at-risk youth who became an inspired high school teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Gutierrez sheds insight from a first person point of view that others dare not mention. A must-read book that advocates educational equity and quality.

Sugar Skull Workshop Hosted by Norma
Sunday Oct. 28, 2007 at 12 p.m.

Come experience a hands-on workshop for the whole family in preparation for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with the making of Sugar Skulls, a centuries-old tradition in Mexico that plays an important symbolic role in this holiday. You are welcomed to join us in tribute of this fun and mysterious holiday.

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Reyna Grande update

Under the Bridge Bookstore and Gallery
Saturday Oct 06, 2007
at 5:00 PM
Under the Bridge Bookstore and Gallery
358 West 6th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731


RSVP not required


Join us as Eduardo Santiago, author of Tomorrow They Will Kiss; Rosa Lowinger, author of Tropicana Nights and Reyna Grande, author of Across A Hundred Mountains, read and sign their new books.

Our readings/booksignings are a great opportunity to meet an author, hear them read from their work, or purchase an autographed copy of their latest book. As always, our events are free and open to the public.

If you are unable to attend an event and are interested in purchasing a signed book please please give us a call at 310-519-8871 or contact us via email at We're happy to hold a book for you.

Some random autumnal thoughts...

Here in the Midwest, there is always a clear sense of seasons changing, of the time and life broken into segments. Now on my walks, I see the start of red gold rustling in the trees, the yellow and orange suns of zempasuchitl, and in my dreams, the faces of loved ones on the other side reminding me to make an ofrenda. On my good days, I see my things linked as a whole, a cycle beginning and ending and beginning.

Somehow too, at middle age, I feel more and more an affinity with autumn, I seem more in touch with the fullness of things as they begin to pass away. Somehow in the still of winter, the expectation of spring, and the busyness of summer I forget to quiet myself and take in what's everyday beautiful ---the walk in the park near my house, the full moon veiled partially with papel picado clouds.

Maybe it because I know once again things will fall away soon into a wintersleep , it seems more important to take time to walk, feel the crunch of leaves and grass under my feet, the smell of wood smoke from neighbor's fireplaces. Maybe it's because I have enough experience remembering and forgetting this, that this year I'm writing it down.

Lisa Alvarado


Daniel Olivas said...

Lisa, what a wonderful roundup! Mil gracias.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your post makes me wish I could be there.

Lisa Alvarado said...

Daniel, RudyG and all you other lovely Blogueros---

I'd love to give you a tour of Chicago any time! : )