Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Books and Magazine

New Bilingual Books from Children's Book Press

Quinito, Day and Night / Quinito, día y noche
Story by Ina Cumpiano
Illustrations by José Ramírez

Little Quinito and his family take the reader through a day filled with opposites, including short/tall, quiet/loud, and rainy/sunny.

From first thing in the morning until he goes to sleep, Quinito is off and running— fast or slow, depending on the day. If it’s sunny, he’s off to the park to swing high and low. If it rains, it’s time to stay home and be quiet at naptime and loud at playtime. There’s so much to do before the sun sets.

Ina Cumpiano teams up with José Ramírez once more to show young readers that everywhere they look, opposites abound. Quinito, Day and Night is a delight for readers young or old, tall or short, messy or neat .

24 pages Full-color illustrations Ages 4 to 6 Bilingual English/Spanish

Animals Poems of the Iguazú / Animalario del Iguazú
Poems by Francisco X. Alarcón
Illustrations by Maya Christina Gonzalez

The animals of the Iguazú speak for themselves in their own soaring, roaring, fluttering voices in this bilingual environmental poetry collection about Argentina's Iguazú rainforest.

In the magical rainforest of the Iguazú National Park, toucans have two papaya slices for a beak, and butterflies are the multicolored flowers of the air. Great dusky swifts watch over the park, and the untamed spirits of jaguars roam the jungle. Spanning three countries—Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay—the thundering waterfalls and lush green rainforests of the Iguazú have dazzled visitors for centuries, and are now in danger of being lost.

Following the Amerindian oral tradition, award-winning Chicano poet Francisco X. Alarcón lets the animals of the Iguazú speak for themselves in their own soaring, roaring, fluttering voices, and the resulting poems are as urgent as they are beautiful and humorous. Maya Christina Gonzalez’s mixed media illustrations bring the colors and textures of the Iguazú rainforest to vibrant life.

Animal Poems of the Iguazú initiates Children’s Book Press’ goal of an eventual conversion to the use of recycled paper for all new titles and reprints of backlist titles; the book is printed using 100% recycled paper.

32 pages Full-color illustrations Ages 6 and up Bilingual English/Spanish

A New Young Adult Novel from Cinco Puntos Press

The Smell of Old Lady Perfume

Claudia Guadalupe Martinez’s debut novel for young adults is a bittersweet story about death, family, and the resilient emotional strength of the human heart.

Chela Gonzalez, the book’s narrator, is a nerd and a soccer player who can barely contain her excitement about starting the sixth grade. But nothing is as she imagined—her best friend turns on her to join the popular girls and they all act like Chela doesn’t exist. She buries herself in schoolwork and in the warm comfort of her family. To Chela, her family is like a solar system, with her father the sun and her mother, brothers, and sister like planets rotating all around him. It’s a small world, but it’s the only one she fits in.

But that universe is threatened when her strong father has a stroke. Chela’s grandmother moves in to help the family. The smell of her old lady perfume invades the house. That smell is worse than Sundays. Sundays were sad, but they went just as sure as they came. Death was a whole other thing, and Chela doesn’t understand that’s what everyone is waiting for. In her grief and worry, Chela begins to discover herself and find her own strength.

Claudia Guadalupe Martinez was raised in El Paso, Texas. She learned that letters form words from reading the subtitles of old westerns for her father. She went on to graduate from college and moved to Chicago to become one of the city’s youngest non-profit executives.

A new magazine from the editors of Highlights!

Highlights High Five is perfect for young children aged 2-6!

Highlights High Five is the newest offering from the publisher of the nation's #1 children's magazine, Highlights for Children. Like its older sibling publication, Highlights High Five is founded on the belief that children are the world's most important people and helps set children firmly on the path to becoming curious, creative, caring, and confident individuals.

Highlights High Five celebrates the early years of childhood—a time of discovery when learning happens at every turn. Our magazine is dedicated to helping parents, educators, and other caregivers nurture young children by:

* encouraging a natural sense of wonder about the world;
* promoting reasoning, problem solving, and creative self-expression;
* fostering a love of language and a rich vocabulary;
* and inspiring them to be kind, to get along with others, and to grow in self-confidence...for
children are the world's most important people.

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