Wednesday, August 19, 2009


by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
illustrated by Geronimo Garcia

10-digit ISBN 1-933693-54-1
13-digit ISBN 978-1-933693-54-5
Format Hardback
Language Bilingual - English & Spanish
Publication Date August 1, 2009

A bilingual book for kids and dogs and even their parents.

Remember the book A Gift for Papá Diego / Un regalo de Papá Diego with its wonderful story about Little Diego and his grandfather? Artist Gerónimo Garcia joins Benjamin Alire Sáenz again for another great story about Little Diego, The Dog Who Loved Tortillas / La perrita que le encantaban las tortillas. But this time, Little Diego and his big sister Gabriela are faced with what seems to them to be an almost insurmountable problem their new dog Sofie and just who Sofie belongs to. She belongs to me, says Diego. No, she’s mine, says Gabriela.

It’s only when Sofie gets really sick that they find out that they both can love their tortilla-loving pup.

Once again Sáenz shows he understands the chemistry of family, this time with a dog stirring up the recipe. Coupled with Geronimo Garcia’s marvelous earthy clay figures and vibrant colors, The Dog Who Loves Tortillas makes for a wonderful story about the love of kids for their dogs and sometimes for each other!


by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
illustrated by Geronimo Garcia

10-digit ISBN 0-938317-33-4
13-digit ISBN 978-0-938317-33-3
Format Paperback
Language Bilingual - English & Spanish

"A border is nothing for people who love."

Little Diego loves his grandfather, but they don’t see each other often because Papá Diego lives in Mexico and Little Diego lives in Texas across the border. One day Little Diego’s father gives him a pile of comic books that his father had when he was growing up. In those comic books Little Diego discovers Superman. Maybe if he was like Superman, then he could fly off to see his grandfather in Mexico! So Little Diego tells his mother that he wants a Superman outfit for his birthday. His parents buy him one, but, of course, Little Diego cannot fly. He’s heart-broken. Still, because he has had the daring to imagine, a wonderful event occurs and he enjoys one of his happiest birthdays ever!

Each illustration in Papa Diego was built out of terra cotta clay and painted with acrylic paints. This gives the illustrations a 3 dimensional quality which kids will love!

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