Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coming Soon- My New Books

René Colato Laínez

I want to share with La Bloga readers my new books. Look for them on line or in your favorite bookstore.

October 31, 2009

Illustrated by Fabiola Graullera Ramírez

* Publisher: Pinata Books
* ISBN-10: 1558855300
* ISBN-13: 978-1558855304

An engaging bilingual picture book about a boy’s clever efforts to help his classmates understand a Hispanic cultural tradition

Young René is from El Salvador, and he doesn't understand why his name has to be different in the United States. His new classmates giggle when René tells them his name. "That's a long dinosaur name," one says. "Your name is longer than an anaconda," another laughs. But René doesn't want to lose the part of him that comes from his mother's family.

This charming bilingual picture book for children ages 4 - 8 combines the winning team of author René Colato Laínez and illustrator Fabiola Graullera Ramírez, and follows their award-winning collaboration, I Am René, the Boy / Soy René, el niño. With whimsical illustrations and entertaining text, this sequel is sure to please fans and gain many new ones while explaining an important Hispanic cultural tradition.

March 23, 2010

Illustrated by Tom Lintern

* Publisher: Tricycle Press
* ISBN-10: 1582462968
*ISBN-13: 978-1582462967

What will happen when two legends battle for one lost tooth?

In the United States, the Tooth Fairy visits children and leaves a coin in exchange for a tooth. In Spain and Latin America, the charming and adventurous mouse El Ratón Pérez collects children’s teeth.

And what happens when they both arrive to claim the tooth of Miguelito, a Mexican-American boy? Look out!

This fantastical tale introduces a legendary Latino character to an American audience and provides a fresh, multicultural take on the familiar childhood experience of losing one’s tooth.


Illustrated by Fabricio Vanden Broeck

*Publisher: Boyds Mills Press
*ISBN-10: 1590783859

Mario is leaving his home in El Salvador. With his father by his side, he is going north to join his mother, who lives in the United States. She has sent Mario a new pair of shoes, and he is thrilled. He will need good shoes because the trip will be long and hard. He and his father will cross the borders of three countries. They will walk for miles, ride buses, climb mountains and wade a river.

Mario has faith in his shoes. He believes they will take him anywhere. On this day, he wants to go to the United States, where his family will be reunited.

René Colato Laínez’s inspiring story, dramatically illustrated by Fabricio Vanden Broeck, vividly portrays a boy who strives to reach a new land and a new life.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, René.
You keep pumping out great stuff for all kids.


Antonio F. said...

Looking forward to reading these books, Rene. My family LOVES your work. You are Rene!