Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Picture Books for Navidad

René Colato Laínez

Here is my list of books for navidad for 2009. Enjoy them and feliz navidad y año nuevo.

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Piñata in a Pine Tree: A Latino Twelve Days of Christmas by Pat Mora. Illustrated by Magaly Morales.

In this adaptation of the folk song "The twelve days of Christmas," a little girl is given such gifts as a piñata and "cuatro luminarias." Includes pronunciation and glossary of Spanish words and a description of Christmas foods and other holiday traditions from different Latin American countries.

Growing up with tamales/ Los tamales de Ana by Gwendolyn Zepeda. Illustrated April Ward . Spanish translation by Gabriela Baeza Ventura.

Six-year-old Ana looks forward to growing older and being allowed more responsibility in making the tamales for the family's Christmas celebrations.

Noche Buena: Hispanic American Christmas Stories by Nicolas Kanellos.

A family seated round the fireplaceSinging and making merry;A sprightly waltz played with graceNoche Buena brings us all the magic of the Christmas season as seen through the eyes of the Hispanic Americans who celebrate it.

Las Navidades by Lulu Delacre

A bilingual collection of popular Christmas songs from Latin America, illustrated to depict the Hispanic culture's rich and exuberant holiday celebrations.

La jaula dorada / The Golden Cage by Alma Flor Ada. Illustrated by Vivi Escriva.

A little boy's search for the perfect gift for his grandmother teaches him about ingenuity, generosity, and freedom.

Benito's bizcochitos by Ana Baca. Illustrated by Anthony Accardo. Spanish translation by Julia Mercedes Castilla.

As they prepare to make the traditional Christmas cookies known as bizcochitos, Christina's grandmother tells her the story of how a magical butterfly first introduced these sweet treats to her great grandfather, a shepherd in the hills of New Mexico.

Salsa stories by Lulu Delacre.

It is New Year's Day, and friends and family from all over Latin America arrive at Carmen Teresa's house for the festivities. Seven heartwarming and humorous stories follow, highlighting holidays from all over Latin America. Each story is told by a different family member, giving the narration a warm, lively sense of family tradition.

Una sorpresa para Josefina: un cuento de Navidad (Josefina's Surprise: A Christmas Story) by Valerie Tripa and Jose Moreno. Illustrated by Susan McAliley and Jean-Paul Tibbles.

The second Christmas after their mother has died, Josefina and her three sisters find that participating in the traditions of Las Posadas helps keep memories of Mamá alive.

Navidad latinoamericana / Latin American Christmas by Charito Calvachi. Introduction by Marco Vinicio Rueda.

Includes text of carols recorded on accompanying compact disc, a novena of prayers before Christmas, and Christmas traditions in Latin American countries

The twelve days of Christmas : a piñata for the pinon tree by Philemon Sturges. Illustrated by Ashley Wolff.

Celebrate the holidays with this lively adaptation of the classic Christmas song. This vivacious rendition, filled with vibrant illustrations, features musical notations and a special recipe for bizcochitos, cookies that can be found in every New Mexican home during Christmas time.

ReadMe: Mimís Parranda

Mimís Parranda is also a great book for navidad. You can find it on La Bloga list of books for navidad of 2007.

Learn more about the author, Lydia M. Gil and her book in this interview at

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