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New Books from BrickHouse Education

BrickHouse Education is an educational publisher designed to meet the needs of teachers seeking high-quality, creative, and affordable materials. BrickHouse Education titles are available in English and Spanish and each is specifically designed to meet multiple curriculum standards. Students deserve the best education, and BrickHouse Education can help you provide it.

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When Times Are Tough (En tiempos difíciles)
Grades K-4
32 pages; 11.5" x 9"
ISBN: 9781598351033

Why can't I buy new toys? Why do we eat at home more often? Why aren't we going on vacation this year?

When times are tough, it is difficult for children to understand why things change. This book follows a fictional family that faces very real economic challenges, and shows how they are able to overcome each one together. A timeless and reassuring tale with an optimistic ending.

Main Subject: Language Arts
Additional Subject: Social Studies

Key Concepts
    •    Express emotions
    •    Build self-esteem
    •    Family and teamwork
    •    Responsibility and generosity
    •    Identify problems and solutions

ABeCedario salvaje
Grades K-4
40 pages; 10.25" x 9"
ISBN: 9781598351170

From “ardilla” to “zorro,” this book is an adventurous way to learn the letters and their sounds as well as fascinating facts about animals. With rhyming text and captivating photographs, this is the wildest alphabet you’ve ever read! Includes a glossary and four pages of fun facts about the animals mentioned in the text.
Collection: ABeCedarios

Main subject: Language Arts
Additional subject: Science

Key Concepts
    •    The alphabet
    •    Letter sounds
    •    Animal habitats
    •    Scientific vocabulary
    •    Climates in geographical regions
    •    Uppercase and lowercase letters
    •    Animal traits and behavior
    •    Describing words
    •    Rhyming words

I Can Be President, Too! (Yo también puedo ser presidente)

Grades K-2
32 pages; 11.5" x 9"
ISBN: 9781598351019

What do Chris Mendoza, Jessica Woo, and Becky Cohen have in common? They all want to be President of the United States! The 14 children in this book have the characteristics it takes to be worthy candidates... Do you?

Main Subject: Social Studies
Additional Subject: Language Arts

Key Concepts
    •    The role of citizens
    •    Family and community
    •    Fairness and tolerance
    •    Hobbies and self esteem
    •    Leadership and responsibility

About the author: Yanitzia Canetti is an author, writer, editor, and translator with a Bachelor's in Journalism, a Master's in Linguistics, and a Ph.D. in Literature. She has published over 30 books in various genres, including novels, poetry, short stories, theatre and children's literature. She has written fiction and nonfiction series, teachers' guides, student editions, ancillaries and other educational materials for the bilingual educational system. She has also written over 2,000 specialized articles, catalogues, and literary reviews for newspapers and magazines in the United States, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and other countries. Fluent in Spanish, Italian and English, she has translated over 100 books, principally for young readers. Her translations include several English literature classics.

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