Friday, June 04, 2010

It's all about the music

This will be quick - too much going on this week, sorry for the short post. And I know this may be too local - but it's what I got. Here's the latest entertainment schedule from Rick's Tavern, the best place in Denver to enjoy the music our parents and abuelitos listened to when we were young kids, and that we dance to now as older kids. This month features Dwayne Ortega and the Young Guns as well as a Festival of New Mexican and Tejano Music. Great sounds para tirar chancla. If you can't read the poster, click on it for a better view.

A few other miscellaneous notes - the latest batch of music I brought into the house made me think I was missing a class or two up in Fort Collins at good old CSU. 1968 all over again. New music from Jimi Hendrix (Valley of Neptune - the album that was going to be next), and "lost" music from the Rolling Stones' epic Exile on Main Street (10 "new" songs.) Meanwhile, gente is in the streets, marching, protesting, and getting busted. The suddenly very warm weather reminds me of too short summers hanging around the campus, a party every Friday night, Chicana students mesmerizing me with their creativity and pride, and lazy days where nothing gets done, and yet we all survived and thrived in what now seems like a soft-edged, ephemeral world of dreams and illusions and hope.

Speaking of the old days, and ancient news, I came across a very strange note about my new book, from some obscure online discussion group. The message thread was entitled Novel by Brown Supremacist Glamorizes Chicano Terrorists - obviously the guy hadn't read King of the Chicanos. The weirdo said: The timing of this novel, like the trailer for the movie Machete, seems targeted to inspire race riots by young La Raza (THE RACE) militants. Give me a break.

BTW, King was #4 on last week's local best seller list.

Jesse's post yesterday mentioned "The Chief" - Ubaldo Jimenez. Cy Young candidate. All Star. Best pitcher in the majors. I admit it, I am a fan. This young pitcher is the real deal. As Jesse said, ¡Claro que sí!

Come back soon - there's much more in store here at La Bloga. Author interviews. Reviews of new books. Literary news. Poetry - weapon of love - aimed at SB 1070 - weapon of hate. ¡Ándale!


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msedano said...

brown supremacist. i enjoy that pendejo's fear.