Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My latest Videos

René Colato Laínez

Sueños/ Dreams

When I came from El Salvador, I brought a backpack full of sueños. But could these dreams become a reality in a new country? 

I created this video in San Antonio at the Macondo Writer's Workshop. Sandra Cisneros invited the talented Agnes Chavez to teach a digital workshop. This is the final result! 

Playing Lotería and ¡BINGLéS!

Playing Lotería/ El juego de la lotería is one of my children's books. Jill Arena illustrated this amazing book. ¡Binglés! is a fun game based on La lotería. It was developed by Deborah Frisch. Deborah and I present workshops where everyone can play Lotería in Engish and Spanish.

From North to South/ Del Norte al Sur
Univision 34

Last Thursday, I presented my new book at El CLub de Los Libritos in Primera Edición, canal 34. From North to South is getting excellent reviews. Yay!


This is my video in Spanish. Gracias:  Macondo, Sandra Cisneros y Agnes Chavez

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