Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Yorker latino. Call for subs. Woman in Afghan

Great news from Daniel Alarcon.

Hi everyone: Second Lives, an excerpt from my novel-in-progress is in this week's issue of The New Yorker. / Un fragmento de la novela que estoy terminando se ha publicado en el New Yorker de esta semana.

I met criollo guitarist Walter Goyburu last week here in Lima, and recorded a few things for La Pelanga. / Conocí al guitarrista criollo Walter Goyburu aquí en Lima la semana pasada. Grabé algo de la conversa para La Pelanga.


Rio Grande Kitch & Camp

Río Grande Review abre de nuevo su convocatoria para la edicion de otoño de 2010. Esta vez, además de recibir trabajos tanto escritos como visuales de tema libre, abre un dossier temático dedicado al kitsch y al camp. Puedes ver el video siguiendo el link.

Río Grande Review
is calling for submissions for its fall 2010 edition. This time, in addition to accepting both written and visual open-themed work in any genre, we’re featuring a thematic dossier dedicated to kitsch and camp.
Follow the link and watch the video.

Río Grande Review

University of Texas at El Paso

PMB 671, 500 W. University Ave.

El Paso, Tex.

Here Be Dragons

Ann Jones approaches Afghanistan and the American war effort from quite a different perspective. She’s proven a rarity in the way she’s reported back in these years. She arrived in Kabul in 2002, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, to work with Afghan women on their problems. Unlike almost any other American who wrote about the experience, she embedded herself in an Afghan world. Her moving book Kabul in Winter offered us a window into Afghan lives and worries, not American ones.

Now, she’s arrived at a U.S. military base, bringing Afghan eyes with her. Among all the reporters who have embedded with the U.S. military, that may make her unique--so prepare yourself for a look at the American way of war on the ground that won’t be like anything you’ve read.

Ann Jones: "In the eight years I’ve reported on Afghanistan, I’ve 'embedded' regularly with Afghan civilians, especially women. Recently, however, with American troops 'surging' and journalists getting into the swing of the military’s counterinsurgency 'strategy', I decided to get with the program as well. Last June, I filed a request to embed with the U.S. Army."

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