Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feliz día del Pavo, de La Bloga

Thanksgiving Day, 2010
messages from La Bloga's weekly contributors. . .

Monday contributor Daniel Olivas:

I thank God for many things, including those things we no longer have (in office).

Tuesday contributor: Michael Sedano
Be thankful for what you ought to be thankful. Everything else, you earned.


Wednesday contributor: René Colato Laínez
"Gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto" is a very popular Spanish ballad. Gracias a la vida for our familias, traditions and dreams. Gracias for ganas for a better future. Open you window and celebrate saying, "Gracias" and hugging your loved ones. If they are not near you, call them or remember them in your pensamientos and memories.

Friday contributor #1: Manuel Ramos

This year it all comes down to family.

Friday contributor #2: Melinda Palacio
My birthday usually falls on or around Thanksgiving. I am grateful for having been blessed with a wonderful mother. I thank everyone who helps me take on another day without Blanca Estela Palacio, 1949-1994.

contributor #1: Rudy Ch. Garcia
Consider all the things you have to be grateful for that were not your doing and that you need to thank someone else for.
And remember those who have little to be thankful for, especially if it wasn't of their making.

Saturday contributor #2: Ernest Hogan

Oké, oké . . . a bullfight video on Facebook got me woken up enough to do this. A lot of good things keep coming my way despite all the flying caca in the world. I hope all of you catch more of the good stuff! Now, bring on that sacrificed turkey . . .

Sunday contributor: tatiana de la tierra

The origin of the Thanksgiving holiday unsettles me, but I do groove on the “attitude of gratitude.” Recently I attended a “Love and Healing” session with Galexis, a group of channeled beings, on the topic of thanksgiving. Here are a few snippets of what Galexis said: “When you are in a state of thankfulness, when you are in a place of gratitude, you are more open than ever to the energies of receiving. Giving and receiving are a pair; you can’t have one without the other.… When you are in gratitude, what you give comes from the heart. You can receive to your heart, to spirit, to soul, you can receive to nurture yourself.… Healing yourself can be done beautifully using the power of gratitude… Thanksgiving is a celebration of abundance. ‘Thanks giving’ is giving thanks to that which gives to you the divine in you. It gives thanks to others for being part of your life. It’s giving thanks for the financial support, for the resources, for the bounty that has come your way. It is an appreciation of the spirit of all things in all things. Gratitude is a celebration of oneness.” For me, I’m grateful for my life, my friends and family, and for this beautiful Earth that I get to frolic in.

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