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Tejas Star Book Award 2010-2011 Winner

The Tejas Star Book Award was created by the Region One ESC Library Advisory Committee to promote reading in general and for readers to discover the cognitive and economic benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism. All the children of Texas have the opportunity to select their favorite book from the Tejas Star list during the 2010-2011 school year.

Congratulations to Spelile Rivas and Valeria Cervantes! No Time for Monsters/ No hay tiempo para monstrous (Arte Publico Press/ Piñata Books) won the 2010-2011 Tejas Star Book award.

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This is the description of the book:

An endearing story about a boy who tries to 
avoid chores by blaming monsters

Like most kids, Roberto doesn’t want to help with household chores. Who wants to clean the bedroom? Yuck!

Roberto tells his mother he can’t clean his room because he’s afraid the Closet Monster might lock him away forever! “Maybe you should help me,” he tells his mother. “The Closet Monster is afraid of you.” But Mamá insists he clean his own room.

And when Mamá asks for Roberto’s help wiping the table and sweeping the kitchen floor, he again tries to wiggle out of cleaning because of his fear of monsters. “If I sweep the floor,” he says, “the Dust Monster might come and blow me away forever!”

Later, when Roberto is ready for his mother to read him a story, she turns the tables on him. “If I read you a story,” Mamá says, “the Work Monster might come and take me away forever.” So Roberto grabs a mop and willingly helps his mom finish the chores. Together, Roberto and his mother put an end to the cleaning and the monsters!

In this entertaining picture book about a boy’s creative attempts to avoid doing chores around the house, first-time children’s book author Spelile Rivas creates an amusing scenario to illustrate how working together to complete tasks can be productive and fun.

The 2010-2011 Tejas Star Book Award finalists are:

Sopa de frijoles/Bean Soup
Written by Argueta, Jorge
Illustrated by Rafael Yockteng
2009 Groundwood Books/Libros Tigrillo

The Party For Papá Luis/La fiesta para Papá Luis
Written by Bertrand, Diane Gonzalez
Illustrated by Alejandro Galindo
2010 Piñata Books-Arte Público Press 978-1-55885-532-8

Abuelo vivía solo/Grandpa Used To Live Alone
Written by Costales, Amy
Illustrated by Esperanza Gama
2010 Piñata Books-Arte Público Press

My Colors, My World/Mis colores, mi mundo
Written and illustrated by Gonzalez, Maya Christina
2007 Children's Book Press

René Has Two Last Names/René tiene dos apellidos
Written by Colato Laínez, René
Illustrated by Fabiola Graullera Ramirez
2009 Piñata Books-Arte Público Press 978-1-55885-530-4

Jorge Luis Borges
Written by Lázaro, Georgina
Illustrated by Graciela Genoves
2009 Lectorum

Once Around The Block/Una vuelta a la manzana
Written and illustrated by Lozano, José
2009 Cinco Punto Press

My Papa Diego and Me: Memories Of My Father and His Art/Mi papá Diego Y Yo: Recuerdos de mi padre y su arte
Written by Marín , Guadalupe Rivera
Paitings by Diego Rivera
2009 Children's Book Press

Baseball On Mars/Béisbol en Marte
Written by Rivera, Rafael & Tim Hoppey
Illustrated by Christina Rodriguez
2009 Piñata Books-Arte Público Press

The Case Of The Pen Gone Missing: A Mickey Rangel Mystery/El caso de la pluma perdida
Written by Saldaña, Jr., René
2009 Piñata Books-Arte Público Press

What Can You Do With A Paleta?/¿Qué puedes hacer con una paleta?
Written by Tafolla, Carmen
Illustrated by Magaly Morales
2009 Tricycle Press

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