Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chicanonautica: ¡Viva Matatoro!

I need a break from all the political turmoil, gotta get back to La Cultura. Luckily, the iPod app let me know about something that serves up Latino culture with bullfighting, animation, and mucho imagination.

It's called Matatoro -- a short film that demonstrates why I consider bullfighting to be the mother of all artforms. The ritual -- not sport -- is celebrated with all its spirituality. And some humor.

MATATORO from Matatoro Team on Vimeo

Of course, I know this kind of things makes some people want to take off their clothes, splash themselves with fake blood, and glue fake banderillas to their backs, but that's La Cultura for you. And funny how all roads seem to lead back to political turmoil.

Ernest Hogan watches a lot of bullfight videos online.

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msedano said...

manolete sat bolt upright. 'doctor, are my eyes open? i can't see!" manolete fell back... barnaby conrad's words, my memory. ¡Aha! and the bull charged...