Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Emperor's new clothes line

My grandparents were illegals. So what?

They came, stayed, didn't get caught, and I eventually showed up, as an American. It wasn't my choice, just my fate.

9/11 paranoia rules my country now. Not sanity. Just imaginary and very expensive "security." Much like the (Obama) Emperor's New Clothes.

I don't have to take a stand for or against illegal immigration. That would be like giving an opinion about whether I want winter to come next year. I could delude myself into thinking that saying I didn't want to freeze come next January would some difference, but it wouldn't. I'd still have to get out my winter coat.

Illegal Mexican and latinoamericano immigration is good. For us and for them. That's an opinion I could back up with facts, but doing so wouldn't change the reality that it will go on. Not stop. Nor be stoppable.

Wasting our tax money on the Emperor's new clothes line that's called the Border Wall is our government's way of pretending anything can be done to stop desperate, aspiring or deserving people from crossing over. Just because they're not white, somehow makes the wall a good idea in some small minds.

A wall wouldn't have stopped 9/11. Hadrian couldn't stop the Scots, or whoever it was, with his wall. The Chinese couldn't stop the Mongols, or whoever it was, with their wall. Well, and you know how the one in Berlin turned out.

Even if for some reason you believe that trying to wall ourselves off from the repercussions of what transpires on the rest of the planet somehow indicates sanity, you should be aware that Obama's Border Wall, America's Border Wall, your tax money's Border Wall will help destroy some of your country's natural biodiversity that we somehow missed destroying earlier.

Check out the full version of the article below and at least the 5-minute video. It's powerful. More powerful than a wall that doesn't do what it's supposedly meant to. A wall that wouldn't have stopped my grandparents back then, or me from being here today.

Apparently the only thing the wall will be good at stopping is the flow of animal and plantlife. As if we haven't dug ourselves into a deep enough Global Weirding trench as it was.

And if you happen to see that Emperor's new clothes line from the southside, pretend you're not looking at a country nakedly baring its paranoia.

Learn about the Sierra Club Borderlands Campaign

More than 600 miles of border walls and barriers have been constructed in all four southern border states. This reckless project has meant dire consequences for vast expanses of pristine wild lands, including wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, and national forests. The threat of a mandate to build hundreds of miles of additional wall continues to loom in Congress. Help stop the Border Wall and protect communities and wildlife.

What we are protecting: Photos of the Borderlands.

U.S. policies along our southern border are proving ineffective, costly, and harmful to people and the environment. Construction of border walls has not curbed migration but has cost taxpayers an average of $4.5 million per mile.

More than 600 miles of border walls and barriers have been constructed in all four southern border states, with dozens of miles still being constructed or planned. The authority given to the Secretary of Homeland Security by the Real ID Act has been used to waive federal laws along the border so that walls, roads, and other harmful infrastructure are built without regard to environmental protection or public health and safety.

A 5-minute version of Wild Versus Wall, a video about the environmental effects of the current border policy. Watch the 19-minute full-length version here.

Help stop the Border Wall and protect communities and wildlife.

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