Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Macondo presents La Luz: En los Tiempos de la Oscuridad

Sandra Cisneros and the Macondo Writers' Workshop invite you to:

La Luz: En los Tiempos de la Oscuridad 
Join us for two nights of performances, dancing and music celebrating our guest writers.
Luz is another word for love, illumination, clarity and a higher self. In this event we will rise up above our smallness and transform darkness, choosing love over terror and acting in light. The Macondo Writers’ Workshop presents two nights of readings including a special Wednesday night performance by Julia Alvarez, Helena María Viramontes and Manuel Muñoz.
This year’s workshop is made possible by generous support from “We are writers who believe we can change the world. We are thrilled that is assisting us with this aim,” said Sandra Cisneros, founder of the Macondo Writer’s workshop.

Wednesday, July 27
Featuring:  Julia Alvarez, Helena María Viramontes, Manuel Muñoz and Sandra Cisneros
Special performances by David Garza and S.T. Shimi
Jump-Start Performance Co.
San Antonio, Texas
Seating is limited, so buy your tickets early.
$25 for general admission and $50 for table seating.
Visit or for more information.

Thursday, July 28
Featuring: Macondo Writers
Music: Conjunto El Trio
Thiry Auditorium–at Our Lady of the Lake University from 7-9 p.m.
San Antonio, Texas

Macondo Foundation
The Macondo Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that organizes and hosts an annual workshop for professional writers. It originally began as a writing workshop around the kitchen table of poet and writer Sandra Cisneros in 1998. In the last decade the workshop has grown from 15 participants to more than 150 participants. The foundation continues to grow in its outreach to writers. As an association of socially-engaged writers united to advance creativity, foster generosity, and honor community, the Macondo Foundation attracts generous and compassionate writers who view their work and talents as part of a larger task of community-building and non-violent social change.
For more information about the Macondo Foundation visit our web site

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rené, what city is this in? so often i see publicity that neglects to include this most basic and valuable information.

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Rene Colato Lainez said...

Yes Michael,

It is in San Antonio. I will add it to the post.