Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Caramba! Kids™

A note from José-Luis Orozco

You are invited to visit my new website, Caramba! Kids™ (, an innovative bilingual educational web-based portal that delivers effective learning tools for pre-school and elementary school aged children.

Caramba! Kids™ includes bilingual music by me (José-Luis Orozco) and educational content co-developed with insight from award winning experts in animation, music, technology and early childhood development.

Caramba! Kids™ includes videos, songs and activities to teach skills to young kids that are crucial for their success in school. It includes user friendly activities directed to educators and parents to use along with the songs. Every activity has been carefully developed and are linked to the newly developed core standards.

To experience the very best in bilingual educational resources for children ages 8 and under, visit Caramba! Kids™ now!


José-Luis Orozco

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