Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello 2012: Here We Come!

tatiana de la tierra

may we be divinely guided, divinely connected, divinely protected

may we be we, part of the whole

may we be in gratitude
gracias for this time on earth
gracias for this moment
chaltumai for this breath
for the beat beneath our feet
pulsing of the mother

may we care for pachamama

gaia-mother-earth-tierra-santa todo lo tuyo es mi mantra
gaia-mother-earth-tierra santa todo lo tienes nada te falta

may we be agents of love
heart chakra open, emerald green lights on, spinning
amor amor amor amorcito tiernecito dando besitos

may we be agents of pleasure
juicy mothers, maidens, crones
may we rejoice with carnal feastings
may we love our bodies because when we do so, everyone else does too
remember, the goddess gets down
don’t dream it, be it

may we have compassionate eyes
see divinity in every being
remember you are a spark of consciousness
you are a powerful light being
you are a spark of consciousness
you are a powerful light
you are, you are, you are
you are a star

may we be rich
may we have all that we need and enough to share
may we be blessed with precious metals and sparkling gems
gold you are bold and so lovely
gold you are old and so precious
gold you are glitter and glam
you’re a shiny rich jam
you’re a true earthly treasure

may we be true with our tongues
may we have the courage to name our dreams and manifest them
may we use our tongues wisely
may our tongues be free
may we speak deep
con las lenguas sueltas
con las lenguas sueltas
sáquenos las lenguas
sáquenos las lenguas

may we remember, we stand on the bones of our ancestors
call out to them, give them gifts, light fires for them
colibrí colibrí que bebes la miel,
murmurando los vientos antiguos,
los vientos antiguos

may we walk our path in light, love and beauty

blessed be

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