Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Books From Cinco Puntos Press

Folk Tales Told in Spanish and English
by Joe Hayes
Illustrated by Antonio Castro L.

Another classic collection of stories from the rich tradition of northern New Mexico, told by master storyteller Joe Hayes.

  •         ISBN-13: 9781935955214
  •         Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
  •         Publication date: 12/27/2011
  •         Pages: 144
  •         Age range: 7 - 12 Years
What happens when an old dog sitting at the dinner table with his master slides a whole leg of lamb, a big bowl of posole, a stack of tortillas and a bottle of wine to a coyote, who just happens to be under the table? A whole ruckus, that's what!

But that's nothing compared with some of the other wild and wonderful folktales gathered by author Joe Hayes in this bilingual edition of The Coyote Under the Table. Like his signature collection The Day It Snowed Tortillas, this book is full of lively characters and laugh-out-loud stories. There's a trio of unsuitable suitors who court a clever young girl and end up being scared out of their wits one midnight in a haunted church. And a greedy man who learns his lesson on a day when he couldn't stop dancing. And a spotted cat who is actually a guardian angel in disguise.

Joe Hayes is a nationally recognized author and storyteller. Joe lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and travels extensively throughout the United States, visiting schools and storytelling festivals.

Antonio Castro L. was born in Zacatecas, Mexico. He has illustrated dozens of children's books including other Joe Hayes classics Pájaro Verde and The Day It Snowed Tortillas, as well as The Treasure on Gold Street. He lives in El Paso, Texas.

by James Carlos Blake

The violent but manifest destiny of the Wolfe family from Yankee America through the Diaz regime of Mexico.
  •         ISBN-13: 9781935955030
  •         Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
  •         Publication date: 1/31/2012
  •         Pages: 368
A master of the historical novel, James Carlos Blake has been hailed as “a poet of the damned who writes like an angel” (Donald Newlove, Kirkus Reviews).

In Country of the Bad Wolfes, based in part on his own ancestors, Blake presents the story of the Wolfe family—a saga that spans three generations, centers on two sets of identical twins and the women they love, and ranges from New England to the heart of Mexico before concluding in South Texas.

Begat by an Irish-English pirate in New Hampshire in 1828, the Wolfe family follows its manifest destiny into war-torn Mexico. There, through the connection of a mysterious American named Edward Little, their fortunes intertwine with those of Porfirio Díaz, who will rule the country for more than thirty years before his overthrow by the Revolution of 1910. In the course of those tumultuous chapters in American and Mexican history, as Díaz grows in power, the Wolfes grow rich and forge a violent history of their own, spawning a fearsome legacy that will pursue them to a climactic reckoning at the Río Grande.

Peopled with a host of memorable characters in a vast setting, Country of the Bad Wolfes is James Carlos Blake at his best.

James Carlos Blake was born in Mexico and grew up in Texas and Florida. He is the author of nine other novels and a collection of short works . Among his literary honors are the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the Southwest Book Award, and the Falcon Award.

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