Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Dear Reader:

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Anonymous said...

You teach these women a lesson in civics. They leave you out and insult you and you continue to support them via your reviews. That is the Luzma we all know and love.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Luzma. Poniendole el cascabel al gato.

Roger and Tabitha said...

It seems that La Bloga left out a key part of your review as you showed it to me where you advise them against falling prey to presenting their books as yearbooks of a high school graduating class. It should be added. Gracias, Luzma.

Nancy said...

Luz Maria, Tan alegre de ver que sobreviviste la furia de toda esta gente malsana y escribes con elegancia y refinamiento carente por parte de esta gente. Enhorabuena. Nancy

Gemma said...

Ah, Luzma. Tu siempre la Scholar. Aqui no hay aquello de "meter lenguas" ni sensacionalismo de portada para vender libros. Gracias por ver que los que leemos tenemos gusto e inteligencia mas alla de un afiche.

Cangom said...

Hi, Luzma. This is sister Cheryl.My husband translated this for me. He says you Rock! After so many months of suffering the innuendos of these same individuals and, yet, you publicize their work here in California: an inner beauty they lack and that you hold. A pretty face does not make a pretty soul.... Congrats!

Sara said...

Profesora, You are too magnanimous. For readers who do not understand the comments, let it be known that these are the women who threw you out of Facebook when you were speaking against violence in the Gaby Giffords case, that accused you of having a PTSD attack because you spoke of your own victimization, that said in a public forum that you have no place in Puerto Rican Literature and who finally told you that you were mindless on Facebook. These are the women who instead of condemning such actions by one of their group, gave her a homage, sat her in front row and produced a video in her honor. Let Truth be told! Someone who is not Luz Maria Umpierre would have never dealt with their work again. But once more, you give them a forum in La Bloga and in California. As a known island attorney recently said: "They don't make them like you(Profesora Umpierre) any more."

Ana Paula said...

"Y por último, surge la pregunta ¿por qué es necesario editar una antología de poesía lesbiana mediocre cuando en Puerto Rico tenemos una nutrida tradición poética lésbica (pienso en Nemir Matos Cintrón, Luz María Umpierre, Lilliana Ramos Collado, y Frances Negrón Muntaner, entre tantas otras) que han creado proyectos estéticos diversos, innovadores y muy interesantes?" (Yolanda Martinez)

Roger and Tabitha said...

It seems necessary to publish this type of yearbook anthology so that the stiletto wearing "new Lesbians"on the island, with the help of a known female abuser and a woman to whom Luzma devoted two years of her life so that she could finish a degree, can continue their abuse towards one of the greatest Puerto Rican poets tha thas ever lived. Sadly they are being helped by card carrying lesbo-phobes who are Gay men on the island and elsewhere. That Luzma has endured all of this in silence is only a testimony to the extraordinary friend they have had and on whom they have trampled, kicked and abused as their way of showing "gratitude." Sick people they are!

Hija said...

Dr. Luzma,

Thank you for all the support you have extended to me throughout the years as a teacher, colleague, sister and humanitarian. You do not deserve to be bullied.

Down with bullies

wherever and whoever they are,

the crazymakers

with their narcissist need

to manipulate and control,

and misguided sense of entitlement

to wield their might over others.

Down with bullies

unable to give selfless love

or share goodness

unless they can benefit themselves.

They will try by any means,

scrambling for morsels of attention,

to take what you have,

to be who you are,

and fail every time.

No tricks nor voodoo spells

will satisfy the insatiable greed

in their souls, with their hearts

forever cold.

Down with bullies!!!

We know who they are.

We know their names,

the gamers and haters,

misogynist and homophobes.

Whether corporate or communal,

whether in cyber space or real time,

no one will be fooled

or confused by their ruse.

Down with bullies

who will do themselves in

by revealing what they are

for all to see and know,

how they try to eat your life

because they will never be you.

They will never diminish your light.

© 2012 Sandra María Esteves