Thursday, August 02, 2012

En memoria de tatiana

I met her only once at a writers conference, and in the hustle of workshops and developing publishing contacts, there never was enough time for much charla with the other blogueros. But I know something of her writing and will always be surprised that not more of it made it into published books.

tatiana was a lesbian, obviously. Unfortunately, I know that for some readers, that might have deterred them from reading any of her work, so, I direct La Bloga readers to just some of her other La Bloga works that amazed me with her fluid manipulation of English, particularly bringing us spiritual aspects of latinoamerica, especially her beloved Columbia. Those unfamiliar with her can discover something of your indigenous roots and spirit, and some of the unabashed political views exemplifying la raza cósmica in the following:

her un-apology re 9/11: Oh Beautiful America

The knowledge she shared about our indigenous souls was a great contribution, among others, to our pages. tatiana's returned to her namesake, la tierra, and we blogueros will miss her writings, as will our readers.


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Unknown said...

She was a pioneer and I remember her giving me a room in her early revistas and treating me with grace and kindness. La luz perpetua brille sobre ella. Brava, Tatiana!