Saturday, August 04, 2012

Do not buy this book, yet

rambling update on debut novel by Rudy Ch. Garcia

My head's spinning, there's not enough time, I don't know where to look next. Welcome to the wonderful world of first-time published novelist getting ready for the BIG day.

You can read about my debut novel here and about some of my prep work here.

Like I said, my head's spinning. I want everything to be perfect, timely, on time, and as much of a success as it can be. At the same time, not everything is in my control. Luckily, I have friends, acquaintances and contacts who know more than me.

Manuel Ramos, author of several novels, authors and poetesses Lisa Alvarado and Melinda Palacio are just some helping me navigate this episode in my lit life that comes only once. First novel. Debut. Book signings with audiences who will read the bared revelations of this writer. Scary? Nerve-wracking? No, I've got too much prep work that's muscling in on all my time and not allowing for that much true feelings.

Again, luckily, I've also got supporters and friends and family who're helping me with setting up a book tour, speaking, interviewing engagements. I couldn't do it alone, otherwise.

For those of you who anticipate your first book-length MS getting published, I can't tell you how it will affect you. For me, it's mostly a blur.

When I tell someone new about the book, they go, "I bet you're feeling great." It goes in una oreja and out the other. I know I should be feeling that, maybe I will be when I stand in front of my first audience to conduct a reading. Vamos a ver.

I've had to research the Internet, blogs, publications, and contacts and found surprising things. For instance, I'm going to attempt to focus people's buying the book. For the first month of Sept., I'm aiming for the Denver bestseller list. Why?

Because bookstores in other parts of the country, book reviewers of major publications and media gente look at such numbers. If The Closet of Discarded Dreams can make the Top 5 for one week in Denver, it will get noticed, possibly, nationally. It might get reviewed. I might be interviewed. Etc. You can help me accomplish this.

So, that's why I entitled this post the way I did. Don't buy, don't pre-order, don't go for it until you hear where and when. It's a small window, making a bestseller list. Even harder with a first novel.

I hope to do my first reading at Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, just as soon as I can get books shipped from the publisher. After this first critical period, I will be encouraging people to order from them or whatever independent bookstore you prefer. Just not yet.

Then I'll hit Austin-San Anto-Houston. Then, Phoenix/So. Calif. Then, who knows where else in late Sept. and Oct. Hopefully, I'll get to meet La Bloga readers, since I haven't been out much of the Denver Metro area in years. Would love to hear what you all think of our Chicano lit blog. I expect to be surprised.

And even better, I hope to share some of my prose with many of you.

tatiana de la tierra
Hasta septiembre y octubre,

P.S.: If you're at Su Teatro's Pachanga tonight in Denver, you can bid on one of the limited (of 25), autographed, numbered (#10) and monogrammed copies of the novel. It's to raise funds for the Teatro, so bid high. Delivery sometime in Sept.

Also, if you haven't yet, check out Rene's post and mine on recently deceased bloguera tatiana de la tierra. And check out tomorrow's, Sunday's tribute. 

Sí es todo, hoy,


bloodmother said...

Okay, you say when and where. We'll synchronize watches, only I don't wear one. But I am online a few times during the day (sometimes all day as I get my novel ready), and that countdown clock haunts me.
Ready? Set. G . . .

Unknown said...

Sounds exciting. Thank you for sharing how it feels to be newly published and how to strategize your book release. There's several of us out here who are looking for direction for when our time comes. be well on your new journey.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the boy after so many years of plowing his brain for the first of many. Give us the word of when it is the moment to strike a sale.