Friday, December 28, 2012

Cell Phone Photo Exhibit - Immortality

One way to top off a crazy week (admit it, this has been a wild few days) is to let it all go. Sit back. Allow your mind to drift. Enjoy the slow passing of time. 

Breathe deeply. Follow the breath with your mind through your lungs, heart, gut. Chase it from your body, slowly.

To help with the contemplation, I offer a dozen photographs from my homemade collection of used book store images. (Or here are just a bunch of pictures for your quick glance.) Nothing fancy or flashy, just straightforward, static shots of buildings that house a hundred dreams, a thousand journeys. Here is where that fantasy life ends up, forever available for the next adventurer. Here is where the stories are, the characters live on, and the words never stop.This is immortality for the writer.

[click on fotos for a larger image]

Denver: The Broadway Book Mall

Denver:  West Side Books

Denver: Paperback Patti's

Pueblo: Rex's Books

Lamar:  The Book Depot

Manitou Springs:  Black Cat Books

Colorado Springs:  Books For You

New Orleans: Crescent City Books

New Orleans: FAB

New Orleans: Arcadian Books and Prints

New Orleans: Faulkner House

And here's my favorite.

Denver:  Downtown Bar, Coffeehouse, and Bookstore

Peace in the new year.


all photographs copyright Manuel Ramos 2012

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