Monday, April 08, 2013

Spotlight on Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano

Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano obtained her PhD in Spanish at Harvard University (1976), and a BA with distinction in German from the University of Washington (1970), where she also completed a BA summa cum laude in Comparative Literature (1969). She is now a Professor of Iberian and Latin American Cultures at Stanford University.

Prof. Yarbro-Bejarano is interested in Chicana/o cultural studies with an emphasis on gender and queer theory; race and nation; interrogating critical concepts in Chicana/o literature; and representations of race, sexuality and gender in cultural production by Chicanas/os and Latinas/os.

Prof. Yarbro-Bejarano is the author of Feminism and the Honor Plays of Lope de Vega (1994), The Wounded Heart: Writing on Cherríe Moraga (2001), and co-editor of Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation (1991). She has published numerous articles on Chicana/o literature and culture, and teaches Introduction to Chicana/o Studies and a variety of undergraduate courses on literature, art, film/video, theater/performance and everyday cultural practices. Her graduate seminars include topics such as race and nation; interrogating critical concepts in Chicana/o literature; and representations of race, sexuality and gender in cultural production by Chicanas/os and Latinas/os.

Since 1994, Professor Yarbro-Bejarano has been developing “Chicana Art,” a digital archive of images focusing on women artists. Professor Yarbro-Bejarano is chair of the Chicana/o Studies Program in Stanford's Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity.

Prof. Yarbro-Bejarano is featured in the just released book, Rebozos de Palabras: An Helena María Virmontes Critical Reader (University of Arizona Press), edited by Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs. Her essay is titled, “Phantoms and Patch Quilt People: Narrative Art and Migrant Collectivity in Helena María Viramontes’s Under the Feet of Jesus.”


Today I turn 54 years old (yes, that photo of me on the masthead is a bit old). I am a lucky man. I have been in love with my wife for 32 years. Our son, Ben, will graduate from UCLA this year. I have a day job as a government lawyer where I work with committed and interesting people. My eighth book will come out later this year from San Diego State University Press, a collection of essays and interviews with Latin@ writers tentatively titled, Things We Do Not Talk About. And I get to write about Latin@ writers, scholars and artists while spending virtual time with my La Bloga friends. I never fail to be enlightened whenever I read the posts by my fellow blogueras/os in this little corner of the Internet. You all make me so proud.

Mil gracias for reading us.


Melinda Palacio said...

Another great post. Raising a glass to you. Happy Birthday, Daniel!

msedano said...

estas son las mañanitas... happy birthday, daniel!


bloodmother said...

Happy Birthday, Dan. Hope all your wishes come true!

Manuel Ramos said...

Feliz cumple, Daniel. Still a youngster. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Suerte, viejo, y felicidades.

Remember, you're only as good as your next cholesterol test.


Lydia Gil said...

Life is good! ¡Que siga lo bueno! Felicidades.

Daniel A. Olivas said...

Thank you, all" I'm home sick today so there's not much celebration going on. But your well wishes mean a lot to me. Onward!

Anonymous said...

Feliz Cumpleaños, Daniel.

Your life and work has an epic romance feel to it: college sweethearts of thirty-two years and counting with a scholarly son about to take his degree.

I’m looking forward to reading your essay collection, THINGS WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT.

I love your title: it speaks to the forbidden. By saying these are THINGS WE DO NOT TALKE ABOUT, you are making your book instantly fascinating, because there is rebellion involved in talking about things we should not talk about.


Olga said...

Feliz cumple! Get better soon & let's keep blogging on!

Anonymous said...

Feliz Cumpleaños, Daniel! Salud, platita,y vida para disfrutarlos! Nuestro afecto ya lo tienes. Abrazos, Apio Verde and Happy BDay.
Lucha Corpi

Kathleen Alcala said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel! I remember Yvonne from her days teaching at the UW.

Get well. You have too much to accomplish.