Wednesday, April 09, 2014

What If You Had Animal Teeth!?

Review by Ariadna Sánchez

Being a mother is a fascinating role full of amazing experiences. On Monday, I took my son to his regular dental appointment.   Can you guess what happen? The X-rays showed that his baby teeth were preventing the new one from coming out. As a result, his gums were a bit swollen. The dentist suggested that it was necessary to remove a couple of his baby teeth to avoid pain or infections. My son was quite nervous, but as soon as his teeth were out everything was back to normal. On our way back home, my son wondered if animals also go through this painful process. In order to find an answer, we headed straight to the library. We got the best books on the topic. We learned that animals loose more teeth than humans sometimes. One thing is for sure, we all need our teeth in order to enjoy a delicious snack. Munch!

The book that we enjoyed reading the most is What If You Had Animal Teeth!? written by Sandra Markle and illustrated by Howard McWilliam. It is appealing, brilliant, and educational. The book provides the young readers cool facts about the animal kingdom while it lets their imagination run wild thinking what it would be like to have beaver, camel or giraffe’s front teeth. The stunning artwork creates the perfect complement to understand the great and unique characteristics of each animal. The creatures that appear in the publication are: Great White Shark, Elephant, Rattlesnake, Naked Mole Rat, and Vampire Bat, among others. 

Taking care of your teeth hasn’t been so much fun. Brushing twice a day and using floss regularly can help your smile last a lifetime. Big smiles make the world a happy place to live.

By reading this book, you are killing two birds with one stone because it brightens your mind with good oral care tips while learning about nature. Reading gives you wings. Smile as much as you can!

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Denturist said...

That's very cruel. Having animal teeth is no so good idea ;)