Thursday, August 14, 2014

Puerto Rican Bomba in Colorado

ALEF BARRIO E’ FEST 2014 presents the musical production:

INFLUENCIAS: The Legacy of Bomba

Colorado. – ALEF Barrio E’ Fest is an annual signature event by Barrio E’ at ALEF. Every year, Barrio E’ is committed to present a production that highlights Latin America and Caribbean culture, music and dance with an educational component to bring awareness of cultural diversity in the arts in Colorado.

This year the musical production presents the influences of musical genres on Puerto Rican Bomba music and dance (Flamenco, West African, Taíno) and Bomba’s influence on modern music and dance. (Blues, Salsa and Hip Hop).

ALEF Barrio E’ Fest is produced in collaboration with artists, groups and the general public who wants to be involved in a unique production celebrating collaboration, diversity, and inclusivity with the mission of educating the community about an underrepresented cultural group in Colorado. Interested artists can write to 

Barrio E’, which in Spanish means “Community Is”, is a community organization founded on September 23, 2012.  The organization is fiscally sponsored by Boulder County Arts Alliance (BCAA) and able to receive tax-exempt donations. Conscious of the growing Latino population in Colorado and the challenges diversity brings to our communities, Barrio E’ seeks to create inclusive programs in a safe environment, provide a bridge between Latinos and other ethnic groups in our communities, and encourage the appreciation of the diverse cultural identities throughout the State through the exploration of Caribbean/Latin American music, dance and art.

For more information visit: and
or email us at:
Tamil Maldonado, Founder & Director Barrio E’
t: (787) 914-9554  or (202) 423-7060

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